Monday, 21 February 2011

Worst of New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Seriously? The Bad, And The Just Plain Ugly

Let’s face it – we all love Fashion Week but politely keep a poker face when other pieces, so avant garde they look more like traffic cones than clothing, walk down the runways. but every year there are some runway ensembles that we wouldn’t even wear if we had a gun to our head. At the shows, we ogle over the obviously chic (oh, hello

The Spring 2011 collections were no different; this year, raccoon tops , Tetris pants , and plastic bags were among the low-lights. See for yourself:

Spotted : The dirty hair : Always thought designers were making pretty alright amount of money; Think time has come to use some of this money to buy your models some shampoo !

Spotted : The old lady sitting on the 1st row ... Oh Wait I know her ! This is "little genius Tavi " !
Spotted : The Dirty hair - Part 2 ...

Spotted : Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's grand father ! Kidding kidding we love our fav' twins !
Spotted : The bikini that will ruin your holidays ! Seriously we spend so much time fighting about hairs before going to beach holidays ... Why would we ruin all this efforts by wearing a swimsuit that looks like a badly waxed Pussy!

Spotted : The Drunk hooker ... Nothing to add !

Spotted : The Peta Number one enemy : Heartless b****N dyed her baby poodle !

Spotted : The guy who thinks he looks fit but obviously doesn't own a mirror... Those parma pants makes your tights look like parma ham darling ! Go get changed please !

Spotted : The bad lady Gaga Look : No darling ! You didn't get it right ! Gaga arrived In an Egg , NOT Wearing an egg!

Please do not hesitate to share some more NY Fashion week ugliness!


  1. Ha... you're hilarious. This was highly entertaining!

  2. Ha..... AGREED !! :-)

    Great POST !! ☆

    baci ♥ Brad

  3. Ugh! The last one was especially horrid! I would maybe wear it on Halloween but if I could come up with an excuse as what I could possibly be dressing up as. Great Post!

  4. Hahaha, I love this. I defintely admire that you're not afraid to publicize what we're all secretely thinking x

  5. haha great list! the bad hooker reminds me of kesha.

  6. OMG!Sometimes is funny also to see something ugly!I follow u babe,follow me back,if u like,on!

  7. haha! yes! Designers tend to make items that nobody in their right mind would wear in the real world. and I'm still at a loss as to why this Tavi girl is such a blogging phenomenon. Her style is atrocious.

  8. Thanks for introducing me to you blog on IFB! This post is hysterical!

    I think my favorite was the drunk hooker lol... although the little old lady in the front row--- what was she thinking? Does she own a mirror?

  9. btw My fashion blog is (my profile doesnt have room to list it)

  10. lol @ the gaga comment - either option is horrible! But I actually don't mind the first pic of the hair... any other style would have detracted from the designs.

    International Fashion

  11. Hi! I like your blog alot. I was recently awarded a Stylish Blogger Award and with the award you name 7 bloggers. You are one of my choices! You can see my post here:

  12. Hiya! Tavi is just plain weird! Why is she sitting in the front row at fashion shows and stylish people like us aren't?!
    Thanks for the message on IFB- what a lovely welcome x I'm clicking "follow".....