Monday, 28 February 2011

FASHION legend John Galliano spouts vile, racist and nazi views...

Just a short reminder : Nathalie Portman (Oscar Winner for the Black Swan) is the face for Miss Dior Cherie and also pround jewish !

Spotted at french bar La Perle in the Marais area / Gay area in Paris :

FASHION guru John Galliano was filmed having a vile racist rant during which he declared: "I love Hitler." and "People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed."

After stating he loves Hitler and making the gassing remark, a woman is heard to say, 'Oh my God' before asking slurring Galliano if he had a problem.

He said: "With you. You're ugly." Asked where he was from, he said: "Your a***hole."

Last Thursday Galliano allegedly insulted Geraldine Bloch, 35, and threatened to kill her pal Philippe Virgitti, 41, in La Perle Bar. Ms Bloch told cops he called her a "dirty Jew face".

Galliano has launched legal action against French Ms Bloch and Mr Virgitti, who is of Asian origin, for defamation.

In 2020 about 20% of worldwide luxury market will be Asian : Now we understand why Dior reacted that quickly !


  1. Galliano it's an amazin fashion designer, but what the hell happens with him? OMG i'm really surprised with this shock news!

  2. What he forgot is that Hitler would have probably killed him for being the gayest man ever. Just saying...
    I am glad Dior reacted that quickly!

  3. I'm scared with his statement. Oh my ..

  4. Whats wrong with him? really such a creative mind! Id been checking out your blog and really liked it! I just follow you. You should check out my blog and follow me back that way we will stay in touch! What do you think?

    Hope hearing from you soon

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