Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mary Katranzou limited edition umbrella

Today I got a cute little gift from Harbour city shopping mall: a Mary Katranzou limited edition umbrella! Can't wait to try it out

Carine is the queen...

Silver coconut dessert

The girl got to have the best... Love this cute dessert at Bombay dreams on Wyndham street! I go there really often with my dear love... They got a really good lunch deal with an amazing buffet if Indian delicacies! Lots of tandoori chicken and fish, samosa and curries ! Don't forget their stunning dessert buffet: all this for 118hkd... A steal

Royal front row

Thursday, 23 August 2012


Healthy juice !

Today I trade my beloved grapefruit Juice for a"five greens healthy beauty juice"
Green pepper (yummy in salad; very yuk in juice)
Celery (same as above)
Bitter melon ( the most disgusting thing god ever invented)
Cucumber and green apple ! Thank god for a bit of sweetness and tenderness!
Result : very very very bad taste but I did feel it was "cleaning my body from the inside" (understand whatever you feel like!)
Will I order it again ? Maybe not in a near future! I'd rather stick to my cabbage spinach carrot apple lemon juice !

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Some little DIY

This weekend I had some free time is my hands! Still a bit jet lagged after out wonderful euro trip... I just wanted to stay cozy at home ...

In a blue mood...

Some days you just feel blue... Or "like wearing blue" is it? Excuse my French !

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fuck you bitches.... I'm off to France!

I have been looking forward to holidays for a while now! Tonight I will put my sweet little ass in a plane and leave Hong Kong to return home (sweet home) in south of France ! Hello bikinis, mojitos, sunset, rose wine, swimming pool, espadrilles and horse riding! I will try to keep you posted ! But... Well ... You know... Life is tough under the shade of a tree , in south of France ! I'll do my best... I promise !