Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sandra Bullock Pulls Out Of Gulf Preservation PSA After Organization Linked To Oil Companies!

This video was shot in the New Orleans area and in various other locations around the country. It features (in order of appearance) Sandra Bullock, Blake Lively, Wendell Pierce, Lenny Kravitz, Jack Del Rio, Alfre Woodard, Dr. John, Harry Shearer, Clay Hensley, Dave Matthews, Bryan Batt, Justin Shiels, John Goodman, Emeril Lagasse, Roberto Méndez, Eric Harvey, Payton Manning, Leah Chase, James Carville, Eli Manning, Lisa Mackel Smith, Shirley Lee, Anne Milling and Mary Matalin.

Sandra Bullock is reportedly demanding to be removed from a PSA for Gulf restoration she appears in because the organization behind it may actually be taking money from oil companies!

Just so fucked up!

Who wore it best?? Mulberry dress

Liv Tyler or Molly Sims ?

and check out the Mulberry fashion show - Fall Winter 2010/2011 by Emma Hill

Laday Gaga cooking dinner - the new housewife generation

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Hong Kong street art

Hong Kong - Causeway bay

Cute Puppy looking for a family!

Missy is one of the 7 in a pack, a female and a true Missy, she knows what she wants and confident she will get it. A affectionate and intelligent girl. She is friendly with anyone and easy to handle. She already knows a few tricks to please the fosters!

Contact: Email :, or +85264771492

Music of the day - Amelie Poulain - Music by Yann Tiersen with Audrey Tautou

Why should it always be so hard to dream?

remember dreams, make them last in our minds?

try to catch a few seconds of them and analyse it ?

Amelie is right, simple things that we commonly do on a daily basis our the best dreams...

why not dream with our eyes wide open and go back to our childhood from time to times?

here is the plot if you didn't see this amazing movie: It tells the story of Amélie, a shy, innocent and naive girl living in Paris; with her own sense of justice, she decides to change the lives of those around her for the better, while struggling with her own isolation ... along the way she discovers love.

The wonderful soundtrack to the film was composed by Yann Tiersen, it carries you along with the magic of the film.

best quotes:

"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's"

"Times are hard for dreamers"

"A woman without love, wilts like a flower without the sun"

"Love is a great beautician"

Amélie Poulain - Audrey TautouNino Quincampoix - Mathieu Kassovitz

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Who wants to smell like Anna Dello Russo?

Yesterday she took part in a Twitter q&a session for She offered up some classically brilliant answers such as, ' I never shop online. I need to smell fashion, I need to sniff fashion,' and 'If you go out with a man, forget fashion. You should be simply beautiful, almost naked' (sage advice). But what really caught our eye was her reply when asked what title she would give her book if she were to write one. She answered 'If I write a book? I will call it BEYOND like my coming PERFUME. Launching soon.'
According to WWD it is true. Anna Dello Russo is indeed launching a fragrance that will hit stores around the end of the year. We can't wait.

Song of the day - Heart of Gold - Neil Young

Frida Gustavsson by Patrick Demarchelier for Paul & Joe Fall 2010 Campaign

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Frida Gustavsson is ready for the cold in the latest advertising campaign from Paul & Joe where she dons heavy jackets and gems.

Purple Magazine Spring-summer - Lindsay Lohan

Purple Fashion magazine #13 Spring Summer 2010 with the free supplement:Pussy, the Aurel Schmidt Purple Book
Ok , LiLho has never ever been cashing in so much money since she's been sent to jail... We never got so many covers or fashion shoots with our beloved little Miss Mess...
but we'd like to say "Congrats " to Purple Magazine who forecasted the trend and did much better than its competitors by creating this before/after jail edition!
Thanks for this little wonder!

What to do on a rainy day in HK .... well, what about a 3 hours movie? then go for the legendary Gone with the wind

(White Colonial Dress- The first dress we see Scarlett in as the opening of film and the famous scene when she is standing overlooking the estate with her father)

Gone With The Wind (1939) is often considered the most beloved, enduring and popular film of all time. Sidney Howard's script was derived from Margaret Mitchell's first and only published, best-selling Civil War and Reconstruction Period novel of 1,037 pages that first appeared in 1936, but was mostly written in the late 1920s.

(Scarlett wears this dress while she reminiscing over a picture of Ashely that she hides in her vanity table and Rhett walks up behind her and catches her .)

Scarlett has been characterized as a heroic figure struggling and attempting to twist life to suit her own personal wishes in society. But after seeing the movie 6 times and reading the book 3 times ( yes, I did ), Scarlett appears to me as one of the first woman who actually dares speaking her mind , dares leading the rules of the game in her relationship...She provocates and does only what she thinks is the best for herself, chooses her husband and avoids all the good behaviours rules.

She is a free spirit even though she still follow some of the narrow minded old fashion rules... she agrees to wear old school corsets but would never forget fashion ... she created her own style, she follows her own trends and even when broke because of the war would find solutions to dress up properly as a real lady.

Green Curtain Dress is one of her most popular dresses throughout the movie. When Scarlett is out of money and needs gold to pay the taxes on her land she decides to go and ask Rhett for money, but she cant go in rags, so she decides to tear down her mothers curtains and make a new dress out of them.

Well, I am going to stop there , just in case you didn't read or see this masterpiece... just enjoy and don't forget a couple of tissues... just in case!

LVMH First-Half Net Profit Jumps 53%, Showing Luxury's Return

French luxury goods group LVMH SA said Tuesday that profit in the first half increased by 53 percent after a "robust rebound" in demand for expensive watches and jewelry and fine Champagne.
The Paris-based conglomerate behind Louis Vuitton luggage, Givenchy gowns and TAG Heuer watches reported net profit of euro1.05 billion ($1.37 billion) in the six months through June, up from euro687 million a year earlier.
LMVH Chairman Bernard Arnault said all business lines contributed to growth — including, notably, watches and expensive bubbly, which had seen demand tumble during the recession.
"The group approaches the end of the year with confidence," Arnault said in a statement.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Devendra is the song of the day...and our Lover

Sexy , crazy, lovely, arty, spellbinding ... we can't resist Devendra's sexiness

Atlanta for Exit Magazine

Drink Perrier , it's getting HOT hOT HOT

Mary Kate style

A wet-haired Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted leaving her apartment in the West Village of Manhattan earlier this week in a chic high-neck blouse paired with a leather mini skirt, suede heeled ankle booties and carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly bag. LOVE THE LOOK , LOVE THE BAG ... MK is def our idol together with Chloe Sevigny !

Hermes is sinking ! Help!

Alright ...!
We love Hermes and always thought this is one of the best and most glamorous brand. Unlike D&G or Dior, Hermes never showed any sign of trashy/vulgar/cheap kind of fashion... until NOW !
someone explains me please!
Yesterday when walking in Tsim sha tsui, I found with the highest sadness a lion stuffed toy in Hermes' window !
Today, I discover the new advertising campaign which is just a bad mix in between a bad Tom Cruise movie aka Mission impossible and the bad children movie Harry Potter!
Who the hell is trying to kill the brand !???

Vitamin Water + Lip Smackers = Vitamin Schticks

If I could have seen these when I was a teenager--a teenager who whipped out her Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker every third breath or so--I'd have said, "Um? Like in the future people will drink water with vitamins in it??
Guess what? I grew up (kinda) but when I see those lipsmackers.... I just want to run , buy them all!
Buy a set for my mun and one for my BFF , hydrate my lips all day long, smell it and lick my own lips saying : hummmm so yummy ,every time I'd use it !
WE heart Vitamin schticks

Fashion Bump - FromStockholm with love

Net-a-porter celebrates 10 years of fab fashion !

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Song of the day... 4 more reasons to love Green grass

Stella McCartney Will Design The Uniforms For The London 2012 Olympic Games

Woah! I did not like watching sports on Tv, I kinda hate sports news and above all I hate sporty people and the way they dress up with ugliness to sweat when jogging or even worst walking ! But after reading this news, I just can't wait to see what the London 2012 Olympic games gonna bring to fashion ( ok!? If possible)
Yeah, why? Stella McCartney will design the clothings for UK athletes team! Of course, with her partner for many years co-operation of Adidas.

miroslava mikheeva-duma is the chicest momma-to-be ever!

she really know how to get advantage of her pregnancy and she looks amazing!!!
She is the most good looking mother-to-be ever. Good thing that not everyone swears to sweatshirts just because youre pregnant!

Chanel Fall 2010 Ad campaign

Freja, Abbey Lee and King Lagerfeld...
Another Hit-campaign...
How wonderful must it be to be given the chance to shoot a campaign is the streets on NYC!!!??
Those amazing stairs make us think of the last scene of Pretty woman .... I can't help but picture Julia Roberts and Richard Gere !

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Vanessa Paradis in Marylin's shoes

We love her! and we are pretty amazed by the wonderful and flawless relationship Miss Paradis and her hottie husband have been sharing for the last decade!
Johnny Depp brought Vanessa Paradis a pair of shoes once worn by her idol Marilyn Monroe.

The singer-and-actress is a huge fan of the late fashion icon and sex symbol and was thrilled when the actor gave her the Ferragamo-designed footwear.

She said: "He spoils me. He actually bought me the Marilyn Monroe shoes. Monroe's someone who touches me really deeply. I truly admire both actress and the singer that she was. I love 'Lazy' and so many of her songs. She had a velvety voice."

Although she admits the shoes are the most treasured item in her wardrobe, Vanessa doesn't wear them.

Vanessa got her first big modelling break when she was 18, appearing in campaigns for Chanel and says it was a life-changing experience.

She said: "I guess it did change my life. The whole experience was different and fairytale-like."

The 37-year-old beauty - who has two children, Lily-Rose, 11, and eight-year-old Jack with Johnny - is still very in-demand but says she can't described her own look.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "Three words to describe my look? Im - poss - ible."

Selfridges Tweets An Apology About McQueen Display

Selfridges Tweets An Apology About McQueen Display

Song of the day

Vanessa Paradis and Ben Harper

Friday, 9 July 2010

Justin Timberlake - Givenchy Play Parfum Ad 2010

Givenchy Couture Fall 2010 collection

This time, Givenchy's use of color is a bit more low profile, but with stunning exquisite details to catch all attention of fashionistas! I really like the application of feathers and of course the gorgeous and refined lace... pure freedom in this though fashion world. We just fell in love with those amazing gold dresses, we just want to touch it, feel their incomparable details... we just wish we could wear it , even for a couple of hours!