Thursday, 10 February 2011

Hermes ‘Space Invader’ Game

I've always been in love with Hermes !
First of all : I am addicted to fashion AND cannot live without horseback riding ! I love horse and I need them around !
It makes sens that the first fashion brand I've been attracted to was Hermes...
It all started with saddles , orange Carre, the softness of this silk just reminds me of my beloved mummy ! I touch a Carre Hermes and I immediately can smell her perfume! Chanel N'5 enters the room when I see or touch something Hermes !
The Brand is high quality, High design and took an edgy way that I admire and love since French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier jumped on board !
Well, Long story short ... We love this new idea from Hermes' Marketing team ! well done guys !

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