Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Keira Knightley is the new face of Tom Ford !

Tom says of Keira:

"I absolutely love Keira. She is spectacular, very professional and I love her spirit. She's beautiful in an English way; she has a little 1940s feel to her face — yet at the same time she always looks so young and modern."

We think she just looks lovely and I perfect for the collection ! But even though we love Tom Ford , how tiring to see this collection in every single spread lately ! Be ready for some more Keira and Tom for the last 6 years !


  1. I love Keira Knightly! So excited for this! Not to crazy about that pose with that face though. Her face says shocked but her pose says confident. Doesn't fit together.

  2. Pretty cool. I agree with Brittany's comment, she does look kind of shocked. Like, "Oh my God, this shirt is on sale?" Well maybe not that excited. She does look too confident for the expression. Anyways, great blog by the way. I'm following you now. Fabulous


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  4. Love it ! Keira is such a graceful person <3

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  8. she is amazing, i think shes the closest to being a model any actress could be

  9. Very Twiggy but with more modern style! Love it!!

  10. I'm excited to see what Keira will bring to the Tom Ford brand. Six years is a pretty long time though. And yes, we've seen Tom over and over and over again (he'll be at London Fashion Week as well) but it's only because it's his BIG return to women's wear. I'm crossing my fingers he'll do a collection for H&M.

  11. me too i like her!!
    elle est si belle :p she's so gorgeous

  12. Hey, thanks for messaging me on IFB :) I'm loving your blog - I love keira knightley to - she is just so gorgeous!! I'm now following you, please follow me back?

  13. oh like tom ford and love keira!
    together its more then fabolous!