Monday, 31 January 2011

Celine Spring 2011 Ad Campaign

Saturday we went for a little shopping session in Tsim tsa Shui! Direction Harbour City and its myriads of luxury stores !
After a first stop at Louboutin , I was dying in from of a discounted pair of black leather high heels ! I swear I am still dreaming about it ! two days and I can't take them out of my mind ! When I tried them it was just heaven of a pair of shoe ! So beautiful , so comfortable ! I had to run away to keep my bank account alive , or what is left of it !
Second stop was Celine ! OMG I am so in love with the Spring Collection ! The new fabric they use are outstanding and I don't think I have seen this kind of shapes anywhere so far! Ecolo-boho-chic-classy! a weird mix ! pretty paradoxical! A must wear !
Have a look at the new campaign and some of the new accessories ! Loving the bag on the picture above !

Song of the day : Vanessa Paradis...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Song of the Day - Morcheeba - Otherwise

I still remember like yesterday when this music first came on telly.
Giving you some good vibes for the day !

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Last night dinner at Shanghai Lane

Steamed rice with steamed veggies

Warm noodles with vegetables and dried shrimps

White shrimps, with tofu and bamboo shots

Pork and watercress dumplings

Yesterday we were kind of tired of the Soho area and decided to give a try to Shanghai Lane.
After all some Shanghai food was the best pick with this cold weather !
The food was great and the service so nice !
I especially loved the baby cucumbers with chili! and the tofu was really perfect!
The good thing is that they also deliver AND THE STAFF SPEAKS ENGLISH !

35-37 Gough Street, Central

Just Because it's a movie worth to be seen !

Dior Homme - The Time I Had Some Time Alone

Shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, the Dior Homme spring 2011 collection is revealed In an austere setting. The model Victor Nylander sports a number of signature Dior Homme by Kris Van Assche styles.

I would never have fought that Paris Hilton could look like Terry Richardson !

Two weeks ago Paris Hilton tweeted a pic of the shooting she was having with Terry Richardson.
Well it was pretty fast ! Here is the gorgeous cover they came up with for Vogue Turkey ! Enjoy , That's Hot !

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

H&M is launching the Waste Collection ... Waste Not!

Ok Ladies... If you still didn't come over the fact that you weren't able to grab one of the famous Lanvin items at H&M , this is for you !
H&M came up with the pretty brilliant idea to use the leftover fabric from Lanvin by H&M to turn it into a brand new collection !
The WASTE COLLECTION can only be found in selected stores but we are liking the concept !
Only Swedish people could have come up with something like that When you know that Stockholm was the very first city to be designated European Green Capital 2010 by the EU Commission. COOL stuff !

Monday, 24 January 2011

No a little trench coat is not boring - Love in the trenches

I am usually not a huge love of trench coats ...
It's either to stiff, makes me look like a 50 something lady or makes me look like a mature person that I am not !
This Spread for Vogue US with Coco Rocha and Angela Lindvall definitely made me change my mind ! Love the bright red Trench ! Just hot enough to warm us up in this cold cold weather that has been bothering Hong Kong people lately !

H&M Collaborates with some Swedish Hasbeen ... And we are not joking !

Ok this is the news of the day!
After Lanvin's Collaboration with the Swedish brand H&M , Here is the new collaboration to expect :
This time,
Swedish Hasbeens will design for H & M.
They will feature three of their essential clogs styles for this coming spring, each one comes in different colors. The collection is expected to be launched in April in around 150 outlets, with a price range from HKD499 to HKD599.
What do you think ?
The only thing that can possibly come to my mind is : How a mentally sane designer could come up with such ugly shoes ! Seriously !

Saturday, 22 January 2011

CocoRosie Was in Hong Kong Last night for their Grey Oceans Live

I have been such a huge fan of CocoRosie for years and the time has finally come for me to see them live and in Hong Kong !
What to expect? "Always expect the unexpected from the Cassidy sisters "is something I knew for sure , but I will just start with the negative side of the show to continue with the best part of it !
Annoying when Sierra and Bianca showed up on stage 2 and a half hours late ... (nothing more to add...)
Annoying when Sierra keeps on stubbornly thanking the audience in mandarin "XieXie Xie Xie..."! You are in Hong Kong babe ! And she maybe did it 10 times during the show ...

But we will pass on those two small details, even though I started to get a bit pissed of after waiting over 2 hours !

The Show started with a french guy Tez BeatBox ... pretty amazing what he was able to do using his voice... Your rock the mustache dude !

Then Bianca and Sierra arrived on stage and the magic started ...
They were looking like true fairies... wearing these amazingly stunning sparkling face masks... unfolding their outfits as the songs were going by ...
I was just thinking this morning about the weirdness of the thing... they have some kind of magical power that makes me love things that would usually repulse me ... they simply succeed to take me to my discomfort zone , and highlight to spot of creativity in me ...
I feel like time stopped for a few hours, taking us to some kind of unexpected and unbelievable dream... You'll say that , that's dreams are about ! I got that , but I am talking about a dream world where none judges, no limits or boundaries are allowed ...
Now pictures are moving fast ... so fast that they just pop up in front of me : Bambi , a Grey Ocean , flowers blooming, the daylight slowly dying... babies, monsters, a fat cat , then suddenly a storm ...
Sierra's voice is spellbinding and Bianca is taking us back to the time of glee called childhood. Her voice is pure and damaged at the same time , untouched and still you can hear something in it saying " I'm just free to be who I want to be "

A quote of Sierra will sum up the way they think for you :
“I have a couple fairies in my house that are there just to drive me nuts, and they cut my hair when I sleep. You’ll see my hair all over the pillow… Damn they got me again.”

Long story short , this concert was everything I'd imagined/hoped it would be and so much more and we of course shed a few tears when hearing live "Lemonade" and " By your Side" ... A dream Come true!

Nice Lunch at W52 !

Loving the Ricotta & Spinach Roll ! Yummy!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Got offered the latest Gucci Purse Spray and this is genius!

It just follows me everywhere and the great thing about it is that it already comes with 3 recharges! You must get yours ! The Gucci purse spray is the ultimate, portable luxury icon.
Unexpected notes of pear, raspberry and guava sit aloft a bouquet of sensual white flowers on a resinous base of musk and patchouli. You'll love it !

Gucci fragrance counter

1/F, Sogo Causeway Bay 852.2831.8400,
Harvey Nichols 852.3151.7718
Pacific Place Seibu 852.2918.1772
Lane Crawford Times Square 852.2111.9270
Faces, Harbour City 852.3102.1630
Wing On Plus 852.3101.0232

Milano Men's Fashion Week: Variation on TUXEDO By Anna Dello Russo .... Hot !

Balmain and Prada

Comme Des Garcons and Dior Homme

Church's shoes

Yohji Yamamoto

Balmain and Dior Homme

Comme Des Garcons

I recently read about Anna... She is my muse but here again the most interesting thing about her is her dedication to fashion and the way she just give her love to every single piece...
She buys every look she wears... owns over 4000 pairs of shoes, over a hundred men's tuxedos... The fashionista had a special temperature controller installed in her home to make sure she can keep all her fashion accessories and her myriads of gowns, dresses, skirts... in the best possible condition!
One more interesting fact : We thought that as a respectable fashion addict Anna would love vintage ... I was wrong ! She loves to wear brand new looks from the runway ... One and only reason : she loves the smell of new on the clothes she wears!

Anyways ... We thought menswear is always a bit tricky when it comes to choices ... Once again queen Anna proved us wrong during Milano Men's Fashion week! Look at this creativity ! Just insane ! I sometimes wish I was a little tiny mouse and I could discretely break into Anna's wardrobe! Just for one hour ! or even one minute !

Jimmy Choo For Men!

Ok now we are excited !
Being a real shoes-addict I found myself jumping in front of my laptop when reading the amazing news: Jimmy Choo has a Men's Collection!
TAMARA MELLON has spoken to us about Jimmy Choo's debut menswear line, launching for autumn/winter 2011.
We are not liking everything but can't wait to buy a pair of the models above for my other half !

"It is really designed for the man on the arm of the Jimmy Choo woman, following the same theme of going out, whether it be to work, to the shops, to dinner or a club," Tamara Mellon says. "The Jimmy Choo man is one who exudes confidence and style whether he is an artist or an investment banker, and is understated but has an individual flare. He has a knowledge of fashion and an understanding of the quality and the finish of his clothing. Attention to detail in his accessories are important to him and distinguish him from his peers."
Love it !