Friday, 1 February 2013

VanderPump Wannabe!

The other day I was watching my beloved Real Housewives... This time it was my favorite, the Berverly Hills Housewives... Damn, I love Lisa and Ken ! I can already picture myself and my BF looking like them in a couple of decades... Anyways, Long story short, The other day Lisa was rocking a wonderful pair of sunnies but when I looked up at the price online it was around HKD7000 which is a bit too juicy !
I managed to find these Ray Ban that look almost exactly the same but much much cheaper ! So for HKD 1400 you can get the look and rock the street like Lisa VanderPump !

Friday is Nail Polish day

Friday is the day when you change nail polish or your gel !! Why? Simply because the long week of work is over! Finally it's time to pamper yourself, take a break and relax. Most important it's time to make yourself pretty for your lover, friends or family and t always starts with details.
I think I have been living in China for too long now so I kinda feel naked without some pretty soak gel nails and SPARKLES!
Have a lovely friday !