Monday, 7 February 2011

I will book you for my runway because... YOU LOOK WEIRD !

More and more weirdness appeared on the runways and advertising campaigns lately !
We start to wonder : Has Classic beauty became non-fashion??
Do you really think that ladies are tired of handsome guys, six packs, blue eyed-angels, strong Gods with flawless skin?? Where are handsome classy guys??

On Women RTW runways , we witnessed XXL model, but don't even bother looking for XXL guys , you won't find them ! The new trend is to tattooed, albinos and lady lookalike Models...
Time has changed ! Designers are looking for weird, scary, alive ghosts, walking-dead models... maybe it's what happens after you starve ( Just kidding ! I know , bad taste joke !)

Mr. Genest had his body tattooed to resemble a skeleton, with blackened eye sockets and ghoulishly large dentiture on his lips. “Rico is my muse,” Mr. Formichetti, who styles Lady Gaga , wrote. Interesting ...


After Lea T. , Ricardo Tisci choose a new unconventional face to promote Givenchy :
No, they didn't use photoshop on the models below and Yes avoid sunny afternoons at the beach if you decide to date this gorgeous hottie ! haha

Last but not the least ( and we already talked about her , hummmm wait Him , or maybe her , No there is def no boobies : HIM )

He is the new famous face of runways: Not a single designer would jump in the fashion week craziness without making sure they booked the gorgeous Blonde :)
He is starring is every single Women magazine and Women Ready to wear Ad Campaign ! Not too bad for a guy who looks like a woman !

We just wonder : Who will be the next face and what will be his particular difference??


  1. I kind of like that the designers are giving attention to off-beat, odd looks. It really adds a lot of interest to fashion to me, love it!

  2. This is amazing post! And you are absolutely right, I often ask myself too: Where the hell are sexy boy models? Nothing against tattoos or albinos, but designers should find someone more normal :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  3. I guess art and expression has its place in fashion as well, but I am with you, runway is for clothes museums for the art. Fun blog! Love the Zebra background :-)

  4. I COMPLETELY agree with your feelings & thoughts in this Post!! ☆
    Men's Fashion is getting more & more ridiculous every season....There was really only ONE (amazing) Runway Show in Milan that was geared toward a 'normal' audience, and that was Salvatore Ferragamo, which I profiled on my BLOG: - But, do you think anyone is talking about it...?? Nope - Everybody is Ooohing & Awhhing over MUGLER showing ridiculous clothes on human skeletans and GIVENCHY showing shirts with Dog Prints on them - It's insane! - And, quite depressing for those of us who really like luxurious, wearable clothes...:-(

    Great Post... ☆

    baci ♥ Brad

  5. hahaha! i hear your sentiments. love this post. :)

  6. sooo way super uber duper hoppin AWESOMEE! :D haha. Loving thiss. ohmygosh!! :) +following!

  7. Yea the I get the nod at fashion being art; but ummmmmm I like pretty art! LOL love this post.

  8. Well done sweety - Excellent post! ;)

  9. I'm slightly confused too... but isn't fashion a form of art & art always finds its way into the world of fashion. So, I don't know... I like that there's an embrace of the different & the unique... Do I appreciate it? Yes. Do I hope things kinda go back to normal? Yes & I'm sure it will. Fashion changes JUST like the weather. Something 'hot & hip' will take over the unique (& sometimes weird). It's all about being patient until the next big thing comes along...

    great post!!!



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