Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Marc Jacobs' new ad campaign is deja vu ...

When we saw the last cover of Interview Magazine a little while ago we thought : Not only is Marc Jacobs an incredibly talented designer , he is also fearless ! Come on who would rock such a hot outfit when you are a men and even more at 47 years old??!
Marc can really pull of anything, whether it be a scandalous cologne ad, or posing in drag. He is the man.
But now we are kind of lost , sad and disappointed !
When I saw this collection for the first time I thought about how colorful it actually was, so lively and cheerful. On the runway girls wearing flashy but stylish outfits looked gorgeous. Everything seemed to be just perfect. But now examining the ad campaign pictures I give it a second thought!

The pictures have already been seen many times over the last ad campaigns, the photo shoot itself turns the brightness of the colors into something pretty dull and...
Alright Marc loves to play the drag queen for magazines spread but here we are kinda lost...
We got it Andrej Pejic is the new androgyny sensation model , he is cute (yes for the one who still didn't get it , a man is rocking the SS/11 Woman ready to wear collection and yes I am talking of the pictures below! )... But we just think this time Marc arrived a bit to late on the trend ! Lea-T For Ricardo Tisci and Givenchy was a surprise but Marc obviously didn't get the fact that it's pretty difficult to surprise several times with the same recipe! Next time you wanna rock Andrej (that we actually LOVE) on your campaign , please ask the creative team to actually come up with a creative campaign !
But no worries Marc , we still love U!


  1. He's got pretty good legs, haha! :)

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  3. I still love Marc no matter what. :)

  4. i still love marc, ginta, and andrej after all. :)

    follower for a follower?

  5. I love the Marc stripes especially the swimsuit, very cute!

  6. I love the campaign for Tom Ford ! It is always entertaining to see a man in womens clothing.. haha





  7. I love the big hair! I've always wanted to try hair like that!

  8. The colors of the clothing do seem rather washed out in the ad.