Monday, 7 February 2011

Rihanna ripped off Davis LaChapelle's ideas !

Rihanna is def a "good girl gone bad "!
A few days ago we posted the video of her new song S&M ! and we loved it even though it reminded us a lot of David LaChapelle !
Check out this comparison of Rihanna's new video, S&M, and the work of David LaChapelle.
Now she can't pretend anymore ! She just ripped off the whole thing ! Bad Girl RIRI!
According to one source:

“Interns told us that fans were buzzing about the video and wanting to know if David had directed it. Then the phone in the office started ringing off the hook, everyone was like ‘wow it’s amazing – it’s the exact same.’”
Be careful next time you try to steal someone's ideas, don't put all of them in a single video ! Learn from your mistakes ! haha


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