Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How to protect your skin from cold? 5 tips to keep your skin glowing during winter.

The cold is here and everyone is freezing in Hong Kong! It mean one thing: time has come for you to update your skincare to prevent your skin from losing its glow.

Here are 5 tips that will help you go through this though time of the year.
For some people cold weather mean dry skin on the face , hands and feet. But for others it may be even worse: skin flaking, cracking, even eczema...

1- Ditch that heater!
Heaters are really bad for two simple reasons: they drop humidity but also dry out your pretty skin.
Instead invest in warm jammies, good quality cotton bedsheets and don't forget to open your windows in the morning to get some fresh air in your apartment before you'll keep keep your windows closed all day to retain the heat.
Ohhh BTW, the same thing is to apply to the long and hot showers.... Forget them , they just dry out your skin and actually strips your skin of natural essential oil

2- Winterize your skin care
The cosmetics you use during summertime and wintertime are really different. Winter has arrive and time has come to buy a good hydrating serum. Switch to a nourishing creamy cleanser and do not forget to apply your serum before your moisturizer in the morning and night.
another tip is also to add some nourishing oil to the water of your bath (for the lucky ladies who have a bathtub in Hong Kong !)

3- Introduce Anti-aging skin care
With cold weathers you skin will dehydrate really quickly and get more and more dull... This is your skin's aging process speeding up and you need to stop that ! Introduce your skin to a retinol based product for it will help accelerate your skin's cell turnover and give you more chance to get back your youthful glow. Last but not least it will prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

4- Use Sunscreen
If you go out in the street and there is enough light for you to read a newspaper it means that there are enough UV rays that contributes to wrinkles, skin spots and skin cancer. Use a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above.

5- Exfoliate your skin
Winter is not the time of the year to skip exfoliation. It helps remove dead layers of skin. Do it once a week in the shower and it will keep your skin looking glowing and radiant.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Versace’s Year of the Dragon Jewel Handbags

Italian fashion house Versace has debuted its Year of the Dragon Jewel Limited Edition line of handbags, exclusively for Asia.

The special CNY collection features luxurious handbags featuring golden dragons on a black background with matte gold accents. The handbags are also studded with precious stones and each one is engraved with “Year of the Dragon 2012” tags along with a limited edition number. We think you would love to get one of those! Right? But you have to run to Versace now, only 210 of these purses will be available!

The handbag is priced at $5,017 and the collection is only available in the Asia-Pacific region.

Also for the lucky ones, Versace came up with an even more luxurious and limited edition: only 60 pieces and this really special edition of handbags will be in red python skin! Ladies get ready for a powerful year under the Dragon sign!

This is gonna be CocoCeline in a few years!

A walk in the early morning countryside - South of France

Loving my new manicure

Wikipedia is on stike !

 GO WIKI ! For a World with Free Knowledge !

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My wonderful afternoon at Phillip Wain.

Yesterday I got the chance to try out The Phillip Wain facilities in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. 
I received a voucher in my December MyLuxBox and I had to choose in between a 7-days Exercise Pass at the Phillip Wain facilities OR an Hydro Boost Facial & Body Massage with La Colline cosmetics. I decided to Call Phillip Wain and book an appointment for their Facial and Massage and Give it a try !

  Phillip Wain has been an Asian leader in fitness and beauty industry for more than 30 years with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Luckily they have a branch in TST which is really convenient as my new office is located there! There newly opened branch is right opposite Mira Hotel, in the Miramar Tower (11/Fl) and you can easily book at 2377 3888.
The staff is Chinese but most of them speak pretty good English and they all are really nice and helpful.

Upon arrival I was given this really cute leather notepad where I had to fill in my contact information then I was given a short introduction of the facilities. This branch is newly renovated as they just moved here 5 months ago.

The venue is all so luxurious, clean and lighting is soft so you immediately feel like in a comfy cocoon. The staff took me to the changing rooms and gave me a Phillip Wain bathrobe , cute slippers and fresh towels. I was really positive surprised as everything smells so fresh and flowery over there ! So many Fitness facilities often smell like chlorine and give me headache! At Phillip Wain this is total opposite... The venue is clean and the wooden cabinets looks so nice and homey...

I gave it a try , but seriously , who can look "cool" with a bathrobe ! HAHA

 I went around the facilities and here is a Thai Massage room (above).

 The Gym Section is quite huge with brand new equipments, personal trainers....
They also host a choice of literally hundreds of exercise and dance classes weekly for members at every level. The wealth of options on offer includes:

Cardiovascular Training: XT Lite,Kick Boxing, Step Challenge, Combat, …
Muscular Strength and Endurance: TBC, Gliding Tone, Core Fusion, and Power Fit…
Mind and Spirit : Rock’n Roll Stretch, Yoga, Gyrokinesis, Pilates & Allegro…
Fitness Through Dance: Cumbia Dance, Aero Sit Dance and CardioBar Dance…

 You even get some light snacks whenever you want and also so freshly made apple juice.

 After going around the facilities, a personal beautician met me in her private office, they basically have 10 of those small offices where you can meet highly experienced sport and beauty experts.
The beautiful and kind lady sat with me for a while when she just asked questions in order to evaluate my type of skin and my special needs. Thanks to this,  every facial, treatment or sport program are adapted to every single lady! They will adapt everything depending on your health , age, condition and expectations.

Here is the beauty products shop section. Wonderland for serial shoppers like me.

The facial I received was a La Colline Hydro-boost Collagen Facial. This treatment is using the renowned brand La Colline which is famous in cellular anti-aging. The concept is that they use pure Royal jelly to nourish and moisturize the skin . During the facial various relaxing massages are used in order for the skin to absorb the products . They gave me a neck and shoulder massage and also scalp and hands: HEAVEN !
When i left I could notice impressive results in my skin's softness and suppleness. I can tell is was hydrated, revitalized and re-plumped.
This La Colline Facial is mostly about improving fine lines but it also improve cells metabolism and skin radiance and finally is deeply effective in nourishing the skin! I do recommend you girls to try it out ! 

The Sauna and Hammam can compete with most of the High-End Hotel Spas in Asia !

The access to the wet section looks so glamorous with velvet curtains ! The Show must go on !

Until the last second the venue has it right ! You have some cosmetics to make yourself look pretty before you go back to work or meet you friends. the part I loved the most was the hairbrushes: What a good idea to have this "used" / "unused" distinction.

To make it short , I left Phillip Wain so relaxed and my skin was glowing, hydrated and refreshed. I immediately called my girls to share the good tip! 
Next time I may go to their Causeway Bay branch as it is closer to my home and I could go for a nap right after. I felt like I was walking on a cloud and I guess what's all you ask for when you go for a facial /Massage.

Phillip Wain Fitness and Beauty
11/Fl Miramar Center , TST Kowloon 2377 3888
2/Fl City Plaza Taikooshing , TST Kowloon 2513 1313
4/Fl Lee Garden 2 , Causeway Bay 2882 7880

Christmas in South of France is a real Christmas ! Loving Family Time !