Saturday, 30 October 2010

Run to the Giorgio Armani corner... Run and don't look back!

I was celebrating my sweet sixteen last week ( I know, I wish...Whatever! ), and a lovely fashionista friend of mine , bought me the perfect gift !

Yes I am using the word PERFECT!
For something like 10 years , I have been addicted to Red lipstick ... My dear mummy being french, she always said that red lipstick and a touch of Chanel N5 were enough to get ready for any occasion ... from a cup of tea under the amazing and unforgettable sun in south of France , to the craziest Parisian parties... I learn my lesson and here I am, 10 years later... I feel like my confidence is growing when I am wearing red lipstick (and as well always feel like my dear Maman is close to me ! ).

10 years... During this long time of faithfulness, I have been wearing Chanel Rouge ! it took me a dinner with my Hong Kong BFFs, a party to celebrate my 25 years old and a few glasses of champagne to cheat on Chanel ! I now have the taste of Giorgio on my lips ... and I think it's now too late to go back...

This lipstick is brilliant and lasts all night long! I can finally drink and kiss my boyfriend without having to stop by the washroom 268 times a night to fix my make up...

Brilliance ... just run and forget your old lipstick...

Frida Gustavsson for Elle Sweden November 2010

Alright! I have been trying hard to hide the truth to myself when it comes to Swedish style...

My other half being Swedish , I spend a good part of my time making fun of Swedish people and their perfect and magazine lookalike style...

Here it goes ... I am absolutely jealous of Swedish people!

Why do they get everything ( And careful , I AM ONLY TALKING FASHION NOW !) right !????

I remember walking in the streets of Stockholm last summer and it was everywhere ... Fashion was everywhere! They don't even try , they are Fashion (with a capital F)

Then don't need to spend a lot to look good, and just know what to wear and what accessories to pair it with to turn a casual style into a brilliant, extravagant, creative style...

Enough now ... all this to say that this shoot in the new issue of Swedish Elle looks beyond amazingness... Those boots are to die for, Frida never ever looked as stunning and we love the countryside/horse riding kind of topic (being a horse lover ! )

Have a lovely sunny day in HK and don't forget : keep an eye on Swedish people...

You know what they say... Keep your friends closer, your enemies even closer !

Anna Dello Russo Reveals ‘Beyond’ Perfume Bottle Prototype

Vogue Nippon Editor Anna Della Russo ‘leaked’ the prototype bottle of her “Beyond” fragrance and OMG how incredibly glamboyant is it? I would die and go to heaven having that on my walk-in dresser!!!
Anna also tweeted that she’s currently filming the video for the fragrance … what do you think of a magazine editor releasing a fragrance?

Leighton Meester in UK Marie Claire December 2010

Friday, 29 October 2010

Peta offers Lindsey Lohan to pay for her rehab if ... She goes Vegetarian

PETA, finding out that Linds has fallen on "tough economic times" has offered to help pay for her rehab…under one condition.
She has to live substance free, including the most toxic substance, MEAT!

The letter sent to Lindsay read:

Dear Lindsay,
We understand that you've fallen on tough economic times, so we're writing to you with an offer that we sincerely hope you'll consider.
PETA will help pay your $50,000 bill for substance addiction treatment if you'll rid yourself of one more toxic substance: meat. As you know, a crucial part of any recovery is showing charity to others. One way to do this is to be kind to animals, the Earth, and your own body. You'll never regret it.
When animals are crammed together on factory farms, disease spreads fast, so cows, chickens, and other animals are fed large amounts of antibiotics to make them grow more quickly and keep them alive in filthy conditions that would otherwise kill them. However, the health risks involved in using such methods are so great that many countries have banned the use of antibiotics and hormones in animals who are raised and killed for food. In addition to feeding antibiotics to animals who are raised for food, farmers in the U.S. give powerful growth-stimulating steroids to cattle, which means that you ingest drugs every time you take a bite of chicken, pork, fish, or beef. Many animals are also sprayed with pesticides. And consuming animal-derived products exposes you to pathogens such as E. coli, listeria, and campylobacter. Finally, much of the meat sold in the U.S. is contaminated with fecal bacteria.
The good news is that a clean, tasty vegan diet can provide all the nutrients that you need, minus the contaminants, saturated fat, and cholesterol that are found in animal flesh, eggs, and dairy foods. Vegans also have stronger immune systems than meat-eaters. It's all good news.
Today, stores carry everything from soy "Buffalo wings" to fakin' bacon and fib ribs—not to mention a wealth of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and more—so it has never been easier to go vegan. California rehabilitation centers have a great reputation for catering to vegan patients too. To help guide your decision, we'll be sending you our new "Glass Walls" DVD, narrated by Sir Paul McCartney, and our vegetarian/vegan starter kit, which is full of useful information.
Please let us know if you'd like to take us up on our offer. I can be reached at XXXXXXXX.

Best wishes,

Michelle Cho


Piers Atkinson

Who doesn't know Piers Atkinson? The famous Piers Atkinson... Lady Gaga's BFF?!
His creativity shines all over the fashion world lately and everyone speaks about his crazy hat creations...
His last things has been to create hats with our beloved Barbie... Never afraid to make her strike Kama-Sutra poses...
Anyways, if you have something like $3000 HKD to spend, he can always help you to get a new face by putting a stuffed toys on the top of your head!
Cute hat !

Ellen DeGeneres dresses up as a Snooki Poof for Halloween!

We love it!
Although it's fun to go as Snooki for Halloween this year, Ellen DeGeneres took it one step further and dressed up as Snooki's Poof.
"That's Snooki down there," Ellen said of the orange Cabbage Patch doll at her feet. "I'm the poof. She's the actual size. She is that short. I met her in person. I was almost late for the show because I didn't take in account how long it takes to gym, tan and laundry, everybody."

OMFG ! Woman Kills Baby For Bothering Her While She Played On Facebook

This is sickeningly horrific.
A Florida woman named Alexandra Tobias has pled guilty to the second-degree murder of her 3-month-old son after he interrupted her while she was playing the Facebook game FarmVille.
According to investigators, her child, Dylan Lee Edmondson, began crying while she was playing the farm simulation game, and she lost her patience and shook him so hard that he may have hit his head.
She could face up to 50 years in prison.
As she should!
A monstrous act! And all over a game on effing FACEBOOK! Absolute nonsense.

"Voyage en Capitale" at Musée Carnavalet - Louis Vuitton

From October 13th to February 27th, the Carnavalet museum in Paris is showcasing the Saga of Louis Vuitton Malletier, gathering together for the first time the iconic trunks and luggages which have embodied the Art of Travel for more than 150 years.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Olivia Palermo is Perfection! Once again ! Having lunch with stylish BFF in NYC

Stella Mc cartney Kids' lookbook first look... Absolute cuteness

Riva by Chanel ... It's a nail polish revolution !

We are dying for this nail polish and must get it by tonight ! OH Damn ! Not available yet !
Do you remember this look from Chanel Cruise collection? Today French Vogue posted about this pretty pastel blue shade.

So this new pastel blue nail polish is called Riva and was created by Peter Philips who was inspired by the 70′s. It will be available from 15th of November

First look I was thinking : this is an awesome shade for spring and to spice up a cute summer dress during august evenings.... And then I was like : Wait ! I can't wait that long and anyways It would suit most of my winter looks !



A Further Look at Kate Moss's Last Collection for Topshop

Yesterday, we got a fleeting peek at Kate Moss's fourteenth and final major Topshop collaboration — out Nov. 2 — and today comes a portion of the lookbook. In addition to the new designs this time around, Topshop is also releasing the "Kate Iconic," a capsule collection of the 10 most popular designs sold over the years.

Coldplay top poll of 'music most likely to help people fall asleep'

Coldplay have topped a poll of acts most likely to help people fall asleep.According to a survey by Travelodge, Chris Martin and co came top of the list, followed by Michael Bublé and Snow Patrol.

The Top 10 acts most likely to help people fall asleep is as follows:

1. Coldplay

2. Michael Bublé

3. Snow Patrol

4. Alicia Keys

5. Jack Johnson

6. Taylor Swift

7. Mozart

8. Barry White

9. Leona Lewis

10. Radiohead

Keith Richards talking about the way he snorted his daddy's ashes!

In his new book Life, Keith Richards admits that he did inhale the remains of his father, despite the fact that his reps insisted he was joking.
Richards wrote:
"I really DID snort my father's ashes. The truth of the matter is that after having Dad’s ashes in a black box for six years, because I really couldn’t bring myself to scatter him to the winds, I finally planted a sturdy English oak to spread him around.
And as I took the lid off of the box, a fine spray of his ashes blew out on to the table. I couldn’t just brush him off so I wiped my finger over it and snorted the residue.
Ashes to ashes, father to son. He is now growing oak trees and would love me for it."

WOW! No words.

Mr Guerlain sued over Racist sayings...

LVMH owned perfume house Guerlain is being sued by anti-racism groups after Jean-Paul Guerlain dropped the n-bomb on TV.
During the French state TV interview, Guerlain was asked about his new fragrance Samsara, to which he replied: "I worked like a n****r. I don't know if n*****s have always worked like that, but anyway."
Because of Jean-Paul's insensitive comments, Al Sharpton and other US civil rights activists hope to meet with French president Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss what the perfumier said.

Brokedown Palace ....

A wispy blond takes a break from the world – and a wrong turn into an abandoned building in the City Hall area of downtown Manhattan – but she’s tough enough to face it alone. Armed with tough accessories and bad-girl eyeliner, Alexandra Richards is a goth warrior strutting her stuff against a decaying background. Whether she’s leaning on an ornate barrister or preening against peeling paint, stylist Elle Werlin brings out the best in Richards’ romantic, edgy style with Louis Vuitton, Missoni, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and more.

Victoria Beckham for Marie Claire US November 2010