Thursday, 3 March 2011

Nicole Richie for Harper’s Bazaar Russia March 2011

I revealed the cover to you last week, and now WOW, check out Nicole Richie's colorful kitsch editorial in Harper’s Bazaar Russia March 2011 issue, as revealed by Nicole herself on her website, titled “Color Power” by Katie Bleacher & Dean Everard.

Nicole Richie has always flaunted a dressed down look in the public eye, but for this shoot she went all out. Posing as a classic Hollywood retro glam girl from the 50s, Nicole looks sexy, classy and very colorful. There’s a pink Cadillac, a diner, a stripe dress and polka dots. So Hollywood! Her intense curls, red lips and dramatic eye lashes portray the classic Marilyn Monroe look. There’s even a white dress in there! The editorial is strong, beautifully shot and definitely one of the strongest shoots done by the mother of two.

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