Friday, 25 March 2011

Launch of Aura by Swarovski- Clarins : A dazzling event ! Now run and buy your own Swarovski perfume !

Fragrance… make-up… Aura by Swarovski is much more than this: it is a new masterpiece of femininity and light, signed by Swarovski, the master of crystal.

Last night, I stopped by the launch of an unexpected fragrance : Aura by Swarovski and Clarins !
The event was held at the Italian restaurant Domani and I must say I was pretty amazed when arriving there: the whole entire venue as been specially redesigned to celebrate the new scent !
And before I start I would like to thank Sarah and Denise for this special event !

When you hear that you will be smelling Swarovski's first perfume: What to expect ?!

I was expecting something light and fruity , something that would recreate the feminity and emotion that Swarovski has been sharing through their crystals for years ...

I WAS NOT disappointed !
The starting point : the crystal , cut faceted with Swarovski's exclusive know-how, captures light, diffrects it and sheds it in a thousand and one luminous vibration. This brilliant scent was directly inspired by this magic.
The perfume is a fusion of white musk and amber with notes of soft lychee, senual notes od white jasmine , powdery notes of rose
: a mix of sensuality , fairy emotions and feminity ! I personally love wihte musk and Amber which remind me home for some reason! When I smell them I feel like it take me to south of France and the hot summer nights...

The new fragrance is presented in a unique crystal bottle specially created by Swarovski. The new scent is complimented with Perfumed Body Cream, Lotion, Shower Gel and Deodorant as well as Make-up Jewels that are available as asymmetrical pendants decorated with crystals in white and pink, depending on the colour of the make-up inside. The make-up, available in three textures, contains powdered, micronized Swarovski crystals and Crystal Shine pearls that fuse with skin to add luminosity.

According to Clarins, the name, Aura, was chosen as it is a "richly evocative name", and to "express the olfactory glow of the fragrance and the visual glow created by the make-up jewels and the light they give off."

The line in full:
Alcohol Regular - 30 ml EDT Refillable 420 HKD
Alcohol Regular - 50 ml EDT Refillable 530 HKD
Alcohol Regular - 75 ml EDT Refillable 750 HKD
Alcohol Regular - Refill Bottle 50 ml EDT 420 HKD

Bathline Regular - Perfumed Body Cream - 150 g 550 HKD
Bathline Regular - Perfumed Body Lotion - 200 ml 320 HKD
Bathline Regular - Perfumed Shower Gel - 200 ml 280 HKD
Bathline Regular - Perfumed Deodorant Spray- 100 ml 270 HKD

Jewel Regular - Crystal Gloss Jewel n°1 530 HKD
Jewel Regular - Crystal Gloss Jewel n°2 530 HKD
Jewel Regular - Crystal Touch Jewel n°1 610

It is early morning. Day is dawning, nature is bathed in the glow of sunrise. A woman of incomparable, shimmering beauty is struck by the first rays of light. Gracefully, she rises and moves towards the light.

Clasped in her hand is a glimmering make-up jewel, which she holds like a treasure. The bottle appears as a column of pure light, and the crystal that crowns it becomes the source of burgeoning, luminous sensation.

Symbolizing the awakening senses, continually emerging beauty and timeless femininity, the film “Aura by Swarovski” is unforgettable, because it strikes a deep emotional cord.

In all cultures, sunrise bears a message of great hope: each day, life is reborn, and anything becomes possible. In the background, mountains evoke Swarovski’s roots in the Tyrol.


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