Monday, 14 March 2011

Cooking Strawberry mousse cake ...


  1. how did you do that??????????????????????
    please answer this comment!!!!!!!

  2. Basically you use some sponge cake for the bottom and fresh strawberries for the decoration of the cake.
    take some fresh ricotta cheese and make a ricotta mousse by mixing egg whites with a bite of sugar , then spread the ricotta mousse : a thick layer on the top of the sponge cake !
    (save some ricotta mousse)
    use some strawberry jam (can or fresh) and mix it with egg white meringue (egg white , a pinch of salt , sugar) , then put in the fridge for 3 hours until you get a thick and solid mousse. put this strawberry mousse on the top, in the middle of the cake and add the end of you ricotta mousse on the top.
    use fresh strawberries for the decoration and to create the sugar decoration just use some cooking paper, (the white one) mix sugar with some glucose and a tiny bit of water and just let it be is a freezer.
    hope this help and you'll enjoy cooking it !
    let me know if you need the detailed ingredients :)