Monday, 28 March 2011

Chanel Paris-Shanghai Take Away Bag

Officially known as the Chanel Paris-Shanghai Take Away Bag, it came out last year and retailed for USD7500 a piece. Modeled after the humble Chinese takeout box and made famous after Lady Gaga was snapped carrying one, it sold out soon after.

Thing is, I don’t hate it!
nd seeing in twice more in person just made me appreciate how Karl Lagerfeld dares to push the boundaries. I’m just wondering: would it have worked if a brand less famous did the same, or did it work for Chanel because well, it is Chanel?

What do you think?


  1. It really worked because it was a Chanel bag, I think: everyone notices a Chanel bag very fast, they are spread out everywhere on the internet and so the news about for example this bag spreads fast. But if you could buy a bag like this in a small store which only exists in my country, or yours, the news would barely spread itself.
    But if I saw one before I saw this Chanel bag, I think I would have bought it. It's cute!! :D But I don't think I'd buy it after seeing this Chanel bag: it would be a faker, and I personally hate fakers (The fake Louis Vuitton bags were really hot where I live, a couple of years ago, and it was awful to see all those people with a fake LV bag. It made the reputation of real LV bags drop).

    I'm talking way too much, haha, sorry!
    Big love,

  2. I get the look and it does work, its alovely bag but at the same time I cant help but think this is one of Chanels worst looks.

    Im not really a fan, the monochrom, the font. everything!

    but the blog is good and if it wasnt for you I wouldnt even know about thid bag :)


  3. i kind of love it! not sure if i could pull it off but think is pretty cool!

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  4. hahaha, ok it has a great sense of humour!But I couldn't go out carrying one of these...and I'm huuuuge fan of Chanel!So, considering that, I guess that it worked because it was Chanel!
    Thanks for your message in IFB girly!I was pleased to see your blog and I'm bloglovin you! <3

  5. i want! it's original = )

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  6. very cute and it's Chanel, why not!!

  7. OMG! I love it!
    It's so original!!

  8. Honestly, if anyone else did this, they would be proclaimed too "kitschy" for normal consumption. The chanel definitely ensures that this little number is a cult object

  9. I don't think it suits Chanel to be honest. There are a few brands and independent labels going down this route at the moment. Like milk carton bags, book clutches. We are all obviously very bored of just a normal bag hahaha xx

  10. I want one lol. Love it


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