Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunny Monday Morning makes me feel like wearing my new Swarovski sparkling Lip Gloss!

Good Morning Fashion Bunnies !
Monday Morning has arrived and yet the sun is still shining ! I feel so full of good vibes and good energy so this morning I decided to put on a more summer-time dress , my little Louis Vuitton Ballerinas and my new Lip Gloss !
Please hold on a second and have a look at this :
This is the Rose Swarovski sparkling lip-gloss: A REAL MAKE UP JEWEL! Isn't it the best lip gloss you’ve ever seen?

The packaging is really nice too and unpacking off this gem will really make any woman happy!

This a a great way to own your own Swarovski gem for a quite affordable price !

The color is so cute and makes me feel like wearing it all summer at the beach or during my summer nights in south of France ! But the other interesting thing about if is that you can choose how you wear it ! You can make it a long necklace with bohemian summer dresses, you can shorten it for a more preppy and classy look and I like to use it as a bracelet too! just shorten it a bit more and you just carry you lip gloss is a precious Gem around your wrist ~!

I am going to buy one for my mum and my best friend too !

Aura by Swarovski luminous makeup jewel: Crystal Gloss Jewel (silver scented body highlighter) HK$530; Crystal Touch Jewel (pink scented body highlighter) HK$610

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