Monday, 4 April 2011

"Barbie's rock star weekend"

It's Monday morning and loads of shameful Hongkongers regret the whole lot of excesses that happened during their weekends!
Come on ! You know what I am talking about : Huge hangover, massive headache that painkillers can't even help... You've been at the office for 10 minutes and you already want to jump in a cab back home ( of course you leave 5 minutes from your office but your little feet can't even bear the weight of your body until you'd arrive home!) and you promise to yourself : This will never happen again .... well : Until next weekend !

Well wait a second and pray for Barbie ! For years she's been told to be a virgin cutie... a well-behaved hottie...
She tricked us BIG TIME !


  1. Barbie is looking very chic in the last photo. I am fond of her coat.

  2. WOW! Who did these? They are amazing! You're blog looks fun and I'm now following you.

    Best from Cali!


    Mounds of Joy

  3. HAHA COOL! but a little sadist too..

  4. Oh God, I'm totally in love with these pictures :D

    Davide - D&G Fever

  5. Wow! Such a unique and interesting blog.

  6. Sadly I couldn't find the name of the photographer/artist who did these! I am obsessed though ! Genius !