Monday, 18 April 2011

Anthropologie April 2011 Swimwear Lookbook

Summer is on it's way ... or almost , despite the classic spring rain in Hong Kong !
I already feel like flying away to a white sand beach... Get a nice tan in south of France when sipping delicious Mojitos and empty many bottles of rose wine with my dear beloved best friend J.
Only a few weeks to go and I am already investigating! I must find the Perfect swimsuit...! Got to find it eventually ! and Guess what ?! I think I did find it ! but the only way for me to get it would be to buy it online as Antropologie doesn't have a store in Hong Kong !
Have you ever bought swimwear online ? Isn't the point of buying swimwear in a shop to find the perfect fit? Can you find the perfect fit without trying it ?! I doubt it !


  1. Beautiful!! Love this shoot! Doudou I can buy for you on my next business trip; you don't need to try you just need the smallest size *jealous* ;)

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I want the one from picture 2 with the asymmetrical ruffle and picture 10 with flowers :)
    that'd be so sweet !
    Let's do a fashion girls cocktail night this week end !

  3. Amazing, the photos are great and swimsuits too...

    Théa Unknown