Monday, 18 April 2011

Nail Stoppe ... Nail heaven for you Hong Kong ladies!! Nails Just the way you want !

Last week I went to nail Stoppe in Central for a lovely Maniucre Pedicure !
I LOVE This place and there are many reasons for this :
The ladies of the staff are so nice and kind
the location is convinient and the venue is clean and quite and they always play music that I love ! I won't reveal the playlist here or you could make fun of my music addiction !

Pedicure finished-up with a lovely foot massage :)

Nail art

After my manicure pedicure I saw a poster talking about "Soak-off gel nails" , I asked the manager what this was all about and I am now obsessed with it ! I already sent a few of my girls and my little fashionistas told me that from now on they will ONLY use soak-off gel nail !
So let me explain to you !!! I know you can't wait !

Soak-off gel polish is painted on with a brush and each layer is “cured” under a UV light to dry. I recommend to choose soak-off gel nail vs. traditional nail polish because it will give you a longer-lasting polish (up to 3 weeks!!!!!!! Every girl's dream ! ) and Guess what !??? it looks great from beginning to end, without unsightly chipping in between manicures.Say goodbye to fixing your nail polish before going to bed ! Say goodbye to your damaged nails after 2 and a half days ! Say Hello to sexy , perfectly polished nails!! This is the fastest soak off gel in the industry--3 minutes to cure, 5 minutes to soak off. It strengthens, fills & smooths uneven surface of natural nails, dries instantly with UV light.

Soak-off can be applied and removed in a snap without sanding which is required of hard gel. You don’t have to fear the drills or filing down of your nails. The only filing that is done is to “break the seal” of the gel before soaking it in acetone. After soaking the gel comes off using a stick to remove it. It is much easier on the natural nail, ensuring that no damage is done to the underlying nail bed since no sanding is involved.

The great thing is that you can also do the fancy little things we all love to do : French finish, gradation or nail art ! You can still use your little Swarovski blings ! No worries !

I tell you , if you use this soak-off gel nails you won't regret it : it's only safer , cuter , more convenient and it does lasts longer ! They can even use this soak-off gel builder which helps you to add up to 1 cm length to your nails if you fancy it !

one last advantage : it's really easy to remove and that's why you don't need to suffer and damage your nails anymore !

Here are the many many many cute colors, they have 30 colors plus natural pink, french white with clear base!

After this wonderful Manicure- pedicure I felt relaxed and revitalized, so I decided to head tho the Lane Crawford x Opening Ceremony Party hoping to meet Miss Chloe Sevigny !
I put on a Isabel Marant t-shirt, paired with a casual leather skirt, and my Jimmy Choo leopard print wedges. To finish up I used a few Louis Vuitton accessories: a scarf in the hair and a old old Cruise collection bracelet , that I love so much !
Ready to rock the place with my sexy nails !

Room 305, 3/F Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane Street, Central, HK

Tel: (852) 2545 6818 Email: Website:


Express Manicure : $98
Manicure :$138
Organic Manicure : $198

Express Pedicure: $198
Pedicure :$268
Organic pedicure :$328

Soak-off Gel Nails
$498 for finger nails
$698 for toe nails

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