Friday, 15 April 2011

Dinner in Causeway Bay - Indonesian restaurant IR 1968

Prawn salad with mixed vegetables, roasted peanuts and lime vinaigrette 78HKD
Careful if you get one of these you'll order a second one ! refreshing , sweet, salty, sour ... an explosion of delicate flavor in your mouth !

Laska Coconut soup with chicken 78 HKD
My boyfriend's dish and I can tell he loved it !

Curry Softshell Crab 98HKD
The softshell crab was tender and crispy , i liked the dish even though it could easily be a bit spicier, i thought the curry was a bit too mild, but great dish!

WANT MORE of these little brilliant pieces of bread !

Fresh water spinach with shrimp paste 78 HKD
Alright , here I am talking about the BEST stir fired water spinach we have ever had in Hong Kong so far ... tasty , just the right amount of shrimp paste and garlic ! the best little chilies ever ! Yum! Would go back only for them !

Yellow Ginger Rice
( not my favorite but my boyfriend loved it , I guess a plain steamed rice would have been perfect for me ! I just thought it was overtaking the wonderful flavors of our dishes!)

Fried spinach Rolls 78 HKD
as delicious as it looks pretty ~! no need to say more : a MUST Try !

I'd just like to end up this by a little note :
The food was amazing and I think the venue is cute , cozy and I will definitely go back very very soon , but just avoid super busy hours ! we arrived there a bit late on a Friday night and the restaurant was totally full ! I have nothing against waiting for a good dinner but the staff was overwhelmed and couldn't deal with the orders , the brought our main before the starters, forgot the rice, forgot our rolls that came last and the chili i asked for came after we finished everything!
So no busy hours and trust me you'll love it ! A MUST GO !

Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm-12:00 am


  1. try their ox tongue stew. melt in your mouth fantastic ;)

  2. wow, you love Indonesian food? I am from Indonesia. And, I am really proud to know it. hehehehe