Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Donatella Versace Furniture

“Versace is all about glamour and sexiness, and so my interior design is based on the same vision,” Donatella Versace explained to Style.com today, on the eve of presenting her new Versace Home collection at Milan’s Salone del Mobile. “I want to create spaces that make you feel sexy and glamorous. And comfortable. It’s really that simple.”
I don't really know if I find this sexy and / Or Glamorous ...
I don't even know if I'd allow this to enter my living room !


  1. I'm not sure whether I like it or not just yet. A bit to 60s for my liking, though the collection may certainly grow on me. Love your blog though and am following as of right now!

    The Pink Monocle

  2. Thanks for the kind words !
    Like you i love 60's and the concept ... was just expecting more from miss Donatella ! But we still love her :)

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