Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Red Ant restaurant - cheap eatery in Causeway Bay

Stewed fettuccine with smoked salmon in chive cream sauce ($62)

Baked seafood in white wine sauce ($63)

vegetables Gratin

Last weekend, tired of Soho and central we were wandering around causeway bay looking for a place to have our very late Sunday lunch before shopping around ...
Many time we passed by this place : always full ! people queuing and such an extensive menu and cheap cheap prices !
So we gave it a try !
This Chinese version of the old Mac Donald's is actually quite good and I loved my seafood rice! My BF's pasta were much better than what you can find in many pricey places in Soho and the service was far better than in many of those trendy places !
I will go back for sure !

G/F, No.5 Sharp Street East, Causeway Bay

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