Thursday, 18 November 2010

Vanessa Paradis Talks Unkle Karl In Interview

Model slash singer Vanessa Paradis has a photo spread in the November issue of Interview and it can only be described as one word: stunning.
Naturally, Johnny Depp's love is wearing all Chanel for the shoot and dished about her long history with the French fashion house and Karl Lagerfeld.
Vanessa tells Patti Smith:
We met a long time ago, but I've only really known him for a few years. Working with him on the things we do for Chanel is a collaboration, of course, but it's also just wonderful to be directed by him. Because the man is just a genius-a genius with a big sense of humor-which is so much fun to be around.
He comes prepared to photo shoots, but he also has a big kid's spirit as well-because his spontaneity is incredible. He'll come up with ideas on the spot, and they are even better than the ones he came with before. His imagination is constantly going and moving. I never thought I could speak like this about photo sessions, but when you're working with him, there is something deeper than just the image. It doesn't stop at the surface of, "Okay, we'll put makeup on, we'll put clothes on, and then take a pretty picture." It's deeper than that.
The more you get to know Karl Lagerfeld, the more you love him. There's something about his eyes. He always has those really dark glasses on, but then sometimes he'll take them off and you'll see the eyes. They are so pure and beautiful. It's really amazing, because he's got quite an impressive look, with the suits and the ties and the jewelry and everything, but underneath there's really a little boy.

We'd love to see the softer side of Unkle Karl.

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