Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Leighton Meester’s Vera Wang Shoot First Look

Not wasting any time in getting to work on her new gig, Leighton Meester spent the weekend shooting a commercial for the next Vera Wang fragrance.
Shot by photographer Carter Smith, Miss Wang previously explained that she chose the "Gossip Girl" actress for the campaign because she "has the beauty, talent and spirit will inspire all the young women that I hope will enjoy this passionate, new young fragrance".

With the new scent due out in stores next summer, many of the details are being closely guarded at this point.
Supposedly getting $3 million for the work efforts, a source told the NY Post, "This is a huge deal for a young star and one that will turn some of Leighton's 'Gossip Girl' castmates green with envy."

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