Friday, 5 November 2010

Unkle Karl used a fan to hit his coworkers... hahah

Working with Karl Lagerfeld wasn't all plain sailing for Julien Macdonald. The designer was spotted and hired by the Chanel legend at the age of 21.
"He used to carry around an old fashioned black fan and when you were being difficult he'd hit you with it," reveals the designer. "He'd taunt you then hit you with it - it was all done in a joking way and never done very hard, but I do remember it quite clearly. It was his alternative to a stick I suppose. Now Karl's signature is his silver jewellery but then it was these specially crafted fans. I'm quite glad I had to deal with the fans and not the jewellery. You'd get knocked out if he jokingly hit you with any of those."

Now we know the reason why he is always wearing those legendary gloves... To stop contamination when slapping coworkers ! Who's ready for a little slap !??

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