Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Louboutin is about to open more stores next coming year

This week end was the best week end ever ! One year anniversary with my gorgeous boyfriend! And Best gift ever , when I opened a shopping bag and discovered the beautiful Louboutin box ... I slowly open it ! I just can't believe it ! HE BOUGHT THE PERFECT SHOES : model, size, color, heel height! EVERYTHING IS PERFECT... and nothing could have been better than this gift from god ! Thank god for putting Mr Louboutin on planet earth!
Women would be desperate, small and grumpy without his genius... They are now sexy, confident and taller than Noami Campbell when rocking the perfect red sole heels!

While many people are still hurting in this economy, Christian Louboutin is doing pretty well (No kidding ...!)
In fact, the shoemaker has experienced a growth in sales, particularly in China, which is why it's no surprise to hear that he plans on opening as many as five stores in China within the next three years.
Mr Louboutin says, “China can still be considered as a new market, and definitely Brazil is an emerging country.”
But don’t start thinking he’s going to begin producing his heels in China, the designer is adamant about keeping that (thank god !It would kill us to wear Made in China Louboutin!)
He adds: I’m very obsessed with quality. I don’t want to triple production in a year. If you do too much production, you lose part of the quality.”

Long life to Christian!

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