Monday, 8 November 2010

Iro Fall 2010 Lookbook

Alright, Fall has arrived in Hong Kong and Ladies, let me tell you something :

End of November is about to arrive, meaning Most of us are gonna run to the Swedish fashion brand : H&M!

You got it right :" What can be better than french and Swedish combined altogether??"

But hold on now ! I want you to be CAREFUL ... Slow down , breathe and give it a second thought...

Have you ever experienced anything more annoying than entering a room and facing a B**** wear the exact same outfit?


So what about buying a pretty pricey dress ( may I remind you the H&M and Lanvin Collection is far from being cheap!), and find this dress on 10 other girls in a month time?? ! I would personally go nuts and think over my style...

My wise advise ... Go for some casual chic outfit ... It will cost you the same amount of money and will make you feel a bit more of a unique person and style !

I personally like this Iro collection a lot : cute , casual, chic and above all, I love the shades of grey, black and brown and the fact that they mixed so many different materials from sequins to leather, jean, wool and cotton !

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