Thursday, 2 June 2011

Summer is on its way : Time for me to try the soak-off gel nails at Nail Stoppe!

So many colors to choose from and the most amazing thing is that soak-off gel nails won't damage your nails ! Soak-off gel polish is painted on with a brush and each layer is “cured” under a UV light to dry. I recommend to choose soak-off gel nail vs. traditional nail polish because it will give you a longer-lasting polish (up to 3 weeks!!!!!!! Every girl's dream ! ) and Guess what !??? it looks great from beginning to end, without unsightly chipping in between manicures.
Today I choose to apply this soak-off gel nail with a french manicure , or my own version of it : Purple ! I just felt like trying out something fun and refreshing for the sunny days ~!

CocoCeline bracelets collection:
From left to right :
- Turquoise beads bracelet by CocoCeline
- Red thread lucky bracelet from a Shanghai friend
- Water bead bracelet from my friend Belinda (Christmas gift from Ho Chi Minh)
- Louis Vuitton , light brown leather bracelet
- Vintage silver bracelet - Shanghai street market
- Turquoise beads bracelet from Bangkok
- Silver bracelet from Lane Crawford - 2009 Christmas gift from my Boyfriend

I tell you , if you use this soak-off gel nails you won't regret it : it's only safer , cuter , more convenient and it does lasts longer ! They can even use this soak-off gel builder which helps you to add up to 1 cm length to your nails if you fancy it !

Just go to Nail Stoppe in Central : My Fav' Place to get great nails !

Room 305, 3/F Winning House, 10-16 Cochrane Street, Central, HK

Tel: (852) 2545 6818 Email: Website:

On my way back to the office I get myself a lovely Rose tea at W52 with a fun chocolate treat !


  1. Wow, your manicure looks incredibly neat. Much more so than I'd expect a traditional one to look. And the purple is really cute for summer too! xx

  2. I love nail polishes! So girly =)

  3. I love the nails!

    I'm following your blog, I hope you FOLLOW mine, to win beautiful goodies in my giveaways <3:
    Have a fashionable day
    IT *

  4. Thanks girls :)
    It was my first time trying it , but guess I will have to do it one more time ! this nail place rocks my world ! the staff is so nice and the quality of service so good !
    have a wonderful day !
    love CocoCeline