Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Barbara Bui Fall 2011 - Some shoes worth dying for !

For a decade now , I have proudly be rocking my Barbara Bui Shoes ... I Remember buying my first pair at "Les Galleries Lafayette" in Paris with my mum ... I was 15 ... I had to bargain a good half hour , but after all , it was the sales and my dear mummy always wants to please her bratty daughter so I got them ! I am now 25 and the are still alive ! leading the life in my shoes closet ... they went around the world with me from France, to Switzerland , to Croatia, china, Vietnam and Thailand ... they get their beauty sleep in my Hong Kong closet ...
A pair of Barbara Bui is something you keep for years ... my first pair reminds me of so many good memories , it's a bit like my own little diary ... Every time I rock them , I feel so much more confident ... ! Have a look at the new collection ... to die for !

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