Thursday, 9 June 2011

Hua Hin day 3 and 4

Late lunch by the pool

Candy hairclip ! You got to love them !

chili hair clip !
prawn skin hairclip !
peanuts hairclip!

Genius little local bar !

An unexpected and wonderful gift from my boyfriend ! An amazing diamond and sapphire ring with yellow gold ! THANKS MY LOVE !

For our last dinner we wnet to the famous local seafood restaurant Chao Lay in the city centre...
The location is lovely for a romantic dinner on the pier ... the food is cheap and brilliant !

Prawn spring rolls (150 baht)

grilled scallops with butter and garlic (150 baht)

omelette with octopus (100 baht)
.fried noodles with seafood (200 baht)

Stir fried seabass with fish sauce (350 baht)

Day 4 : After a early ride with my little horse on the beach at 8 am ... Time to take the car and go home ... Hua Hin , we will be back !


  1. these photos are so fun!!! love them ,beautiful!!

    kisses <3


  2. Everything looks so wonderful.Especially the food :D

  3. Thanks Ladies :)
    Thai food is beyond amazing ! Such a nice trip ! Please feel free to ask for little tips whenever you'd need any !
    Have a fabulous day

  4. Looks like a great trip - er is that an engagement ring? It looks a lot like the Duchess of Cambridge's :D

  5. Yes... is this an engagement ring?? ;)