Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Love my New TRIWA watch ... Be ready the new collection is about to arrive at Lane Crawford !

A few day ago I jumped into the Triwa Addiction !
Since then people are asking me all day long where I got my new watch , what color it comes in.... Everyone wants one !
A TRIWA wrist watch is not only a ticking piece of precision machinery telling you it is time for lunch, that you are terribly late, or that it is time to wake up, get out of bed and go home to your own apartment.
It is also a good looking accessory that can be used to show your attitude towards time. It can reflect how your mood swings and it can give the people you meet a hint of who the person in that strict business suit, or on that surfboard, really is.
I just love my new watch!
I chose the Nada Debs Turtle Brasco for a couple of obvious reasons !
First if your read CocoCeline you must know how much I love turquoise color !
Second the bracelet is really classy and can easily fit any outfit , but still the color and details bring the right amount of fashion to any kind of style !

Triwa Watch , Red jeans by Shanghai Tang, Black leather Bag by Dolce & Gabbana, Black Lanvin Top

If you want a good tip : Follow Triwa on Facebook to get all the latest new, because I am pretty , super dupper sure that my little fashion bunnies do not want to miss their new collection !

Also Its easy to get a nice gift there for your beloved other half and any occasion is a good one : Anniversary , Birthday , Valentine's day .... Maybe I should get one to my dear boyfriend so that he'd maybe stop being late haha !

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