Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Sexiest Woman Alive Atlas - Thank You Esquire!

Chantal Boni
Because she's the first lady but looks like the president.
Felicita Arzu
Because she dared to stand up to the organization that crowned her Miss Belize — on both moral and financial grounds — even if it meant relinquishing the title.
Cilou Annys
Stood on the Belgian flag as a Flemish separatist leader cut her Miss Belgium sash. Then publicly trampled a poster of said separatist while slinging the Belgian flag over her shoulder. Balls.
Tanya Dziahileva
Because she's the only internationally renowned runway model who looks like she could be related to Gollum. In a good way.
Transcended Caribbean dance-music roots, knee-jerk comparisons to Beyoncé, tabloid victimhood, and whichever song or video she happens to be gracing with a featured appearance.

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