Saturday, 30 October 2010

Run to the Giorgio Armani corner... Run and don't look back!

I was celebrating my sweet sixteen last week ( I know, I wish...Whatever! ), and a lovely fashionista friend of mine , bought me the perfect gift !

Yes I am using the word PERFECT!
For something like 10 years , I have been addicted to Red lipstick ... My dear mummy being french, she always said that red lipstick and a touch of Chanel N5 were enough to get ready for any occasion ... from a cup of tea under the amazing and unforgettable sun in south of France , to the craziest Parisian parties... I learn my lesson and here I am, 10 years later... I feel like my confidence is growing when I am wearing red lipstick (and as well always feel like my dear Maman is close to me ! ).

10 years... During this long time of faithfulness, I have been wearing Chanel Rouge ! it took me a dinner with my Hong Kong BFFs, a party to celebrate my 25 years old and a few glasses of champagne to cheat on Chanel ! I now have the taste of Giorgio on my lips ... and I think it's now too late to go back...

This lipstick is brilliant and lasts all night long! I can finally drink and kiss my boyfriend without having to stop by the washroom 268 times a night to fix my make up...

Brilliance ... just run and forget your old lipstick...

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