Friday, 24 September 2010

Olivia Palermo is Perfection!

What ?! You didn't didn't make up your mind about which Fall-Winter must-have items you are going to buy !
Shame on you ladies !
Ok time has come for some tips...
Do not forget some major points: This winter everything is about shape. I am talking clothing of course but also haircuts and accessories.
Time has come for a brand new hair style. It's like that, you wake up in the morning , you feel like a new day has come and with this a brand new 'yourself' which can come with a brand new outfit, a new pair of stilettos or even better : an appointment with your beloved hairstylist.

This is what happened to our dear Olivia Palermo (formerly scroll hair). She looks sweet, romantic, sexy, wild and simply gorgeous. I guess this was most likely a hair repair strategy after summer and sun damages but she looks stunning !
Recently, she attended a lot of different fashion shows and we especially like this outfit on her, showing off a simple and elegant body! The Charlotte Olympia pair of shoes adds a lot of hotness to this look! Now look at your hair, I think it is time to go the Salon!

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