Monday, 6 September 2010

Ashley Olsen for Fashion Magazine - and she doesn't even look like a dwarf!

We are a huggggggggge fan of MK Olsen , but when it comes to her dwarf twin sis', we are facing a little problem...
they obviously look(almost)-alike
they go shopping together
Share the share friends
Go to the same parties ....
but we just cannot stand Ashley...
Always whining about MK, the Troll is just merely jealous for the only reason that she's crap when it come to style... but also because she frankly looks so subdued and she keeps on fading away with the years !
But this time , with must be honest with ourself and give Ashley some kind of compliments...
finally showing off a little bit of tittays ! kidding, kidding !
we love the styling and outfits, the hairdo and make up !

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