Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Adam Spring 2011 Collection

ADAM's 2011 spring and summer series,found its inspiration with French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg in "The City of Your Final Destination". The designer skillfully used different kind of fabric materials to create forms with multiple layered, and the use of red and metallic colors add ed some brightness spots to a show that could have been a bit ... let's say : sleepy! We are particularly fond of those boho dresses and we love the lace combined outfits

The show itself would have been a bit of a snorer if all it had done was retread the look of rusticated aristocracy. Peasant blouses and city trousers and zzzzzz… No, what elevated Spring was the fact that Lippes' constant and cohesive inspiration is women—real ones, not movie ones. Real women with all kinds of bodies, who want to look pretty, and sexy, and a little edgy, and also elegant, and very now, but always like themselves, and not like fashion victims.

Overall , we kinda liked it !

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