Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vietnam - First Stop Ho Chi Minh ... Saigon is food Heaven !

First Stop of our Vietnam Christmas Holidays : Ho Chi Minh...

What happens when you gather Ho Chi Minh’s finest street chefs in one location? Nha Hang Ngon Restaurant ! A magnificent colonial building where street vendors gather and cook the biggest variety of Vietnamese food in town ! A real opportunity to taste many many many local dishes in a single dinner and no worries your bank account won't suffer as this is a really cheap cheap place ! We went there for lunch after getting up at 4 am to catch up our fight , by then it was lunch time and we were both completely starved ! We had a selection of maybe 6 dishes + 2 drinks each and payed a little 120HKD altogether !
A MUST TRY if you get the chance to spend a few days in HCMC!

Ngon means "delicious," and, for authentic Vietnamese, this restaurant lives up to its name... Seriously the best food I've had in a long time ! The atmosphere is chaotic: a cacophony of laughing, chattering guests, shouting waiters, and clanging pots and pan, but trust me , it is worth going there, queuing a little while and you won't be disappointed! One thing you must be aware of, though, is that restaurant service in a real Vietnamese restaurant is never doting or effusive, so think of it this way: You're not being ignored, you're just getting the real thing. HAHA Once you get this in mind the food fest can start !

Be ready and save your appetite a few days ago ! These are a few pictures of what you can find over there :

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