Saturday, 22 January 2011

CocoRosie Was in Hong Kong Last night for their Grey Oceans Live

I have been such a huge fan of CocoRosie for years and the time has finally come for me to see them live and in Hong Kong !
What to expect? "Always expect the unexpected from the Cassidy sisters "is something I knew for sure , but I will just start with the negative side of the show to continue with the best part of it !
Annoying when Sierra and Bianca showed up on stage 2 and a half hours late ... (nothing more to add...)
Annoying when Sierra keeps on stubbornly thanking the audience in mandarin "XieXie Xie Xie..."! You are in Hong Kong babe ! And she maybe did it 10 times during the show ...

But we will pass on those two small details, even though I started to get a bit pissed of after waiting over 2 hours !

The Show started with a french guy Tez BeatBox ... pretty amazing what he was able to do using his voice... Your rock the mustache dude !

Then Bianca and Sierra arrived on stage and the magic started ...
They were looking like true fairies... wearing these amazingly stunning sparkling face masks... unfolding their outfits as the songs were going by ...
I was just thinking this morning about the weirdness of the thing... they have some kind of magical power that makes me love things that would usually repulse me ... they simply succeed to take me to my discomfort zone , and highlight to spot of creativity in me ...
I feel like time stopped for a few hours, taking us to some kind of unexpected and unbelievable dream... You'll say that , that's dreams are about ! I got that , but I am talking about a dream world where none judges, no limits or boundaries are allowed ...
Now pictures are moving fast ... so fast that they just pop up in front of me : Bambi , a Grey Ocean , flowers blooming, the daylight slowly dying... babies, monsters, a fat cat , then suddenly a storm ...
Sierra's voice is spellbinding and Bianca is taking us back to the time of glee called childhood. Her voice is pure and damaged at the same time , untouched and still you can hear something in it saying " I'm just free to be who I want to be "

A quote of Sierra will sum up the way they think for you :
“I have a couple fairies in my house that are there just to drive me nuts, and they cut my hair when I sleep. You’ll see my hair all over the pillow… Damn they got me again.”

Long story short , this concert was everything I'd imagined/hoped it would be and so much more and we of course shed a few tears when hearing live "Lemonade" and " By your Side" ... A dream Come true!


  1. I've been waiting years to see CocoRosie and my dream finally came true the other night. Simply magical.