Thursday, 27 January 2011

Last night dinner at Shanghai Lane

Steamed rice with steamed veggies

Warm noodles with vegetables and dried shrimps

White shrimps, with tofu and bamboo shots

Pork and watercress dumplings

Yesterday we were kind of tired of the Soho area and decided to give a try to Shanghai Lane.
After all some Shanghai food was the best pick with this cold weather !
The food was great and the service so nice !
I especially loved the baby cucumbers with chili! and the tofu was really perfect!
The good thing is that they also deliver AND THE STAFF SPEAKS ENGLISH !

35-37 Gough Street, Central


  1. Looking at these pictures made me so hungry Chinese food. I'm stuck on a college campus and no good chinese food places in sight.

  2. Shanghai Lane was really good !
    But might go to some other yummy Chinese restaurants this weekend, so keep on reading I will post some more to help you survive! haha
    Thanks for reading !

  3. I love this king of food <3
    now I'm following you
    take a look of my blog, comment
    and follow me back (:
    keep in touch! xOxO

  4. Yum! Love food pics.. I have some coming really soon! I've been so busy I haven't had time to upload mine from the past 2 weeks. Hope all's well!

    PS thanks for the ifb friend request. <3 xo, Jinna.

  5. bomboo shots? dare i ask?!

    xoxo, L