Monday, 17 January 2011

Love my New YSL Ring ! Thanks Darling !

It was dayssssssssss since I first saw this gorgeous ring in the YSL Window in Causeway Bay!
Days .... I meant months, because I remember wearing a Isabel Marant summer dress at the time !
I had seen the YSL Arty ring on a few celebs and have been lusting over it for a while...
This ring has something different - not only is it an utterly unique design, it's well made and a one of a kind! I have never seen a ring so unusual.
I love huge statement rings and that is exactly what this is.
It comes in many colours but i chose turquoise as i just love the look of gold and turquoise together. It has gold veins of mottled glass running through the stone which have a very subtle sparkle to them.
This ring will be something i keep forever.
Thanks Darling for the amazing gift !!


  1. amazing ring indeed!

  2. wow i love this ring tooo!
    Can i ask u something?
    cuz im goin to hong kong in March. and may get the ring there.
    ‘d like to know how much it is.. and where to buy (i mean in hk)
    thank you :D

  3. I can't tell you how much it was , as it was a gift , but I got it in Causeway Bay , Times Square at the YSL Store :)
    Enjoy your trip in Hong Kong !

  4. Great blog! I will follow you! I love this ring too, the color and the design is amazing!!!