Friday, 21 January 2011

Milano Men's Fashion Week: Variation on TUXEDO By Anna Dello Russo .... Hot !

Balmain and Prada

Comme Des Garcons and Dior Homme

Church's shoes

Yohji Yamamoto

Balmain and Dior Homme

Comme Des Garcons

I recently read about Anna... She is my muse but here again the most interesting thing about her is her dedication to fashion and the way she just give her love to every single piece...
She buys every look she wears... owns over 4000 pairs of shoes, over a hundred men's tuxedos... The fashionista had a special temperature controller installed in her home to make sure she can keep all her fashion accessories and her myriads of gowns, dresses, skirts... in the best possible condition!
One more interesting fact : We thought that as a respectable fashion addict Anna would love vintage ... I was wrong ! She loves to wear brand new looks from the runway ... One and only reason : she loves the smell of new on the clothes she wears!

Anyways ... We thought menswear is always a bit tricky when it comes to choices ... Once again queen Anna proved us wrong during Milano Men's Fashion week! Look at this creativity ! Just insane ! I sometimes wish I was a little tiny mouse and I could discretely break into Anna's wardrobe! Just for one hour ! or even one minute !

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