Wednesday, 14 April 2010

You hit me once, I hit you back...

I think this is it... The time has come to write my first post ever.
  • I could start with telling you how much I heart fashion and especially stilettos, vintage and tutus but I guess this is gonna be pretty obvious by time!
  • I could start by quoting the iconic CoCo Chanel, to help you understand who I am :"A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous" (I must say that my boyfriend is pretty lucky) , "Fashion fades, only style remains the same"(flawless and utterly tasteful) or " Fashion is made to become unfashinable" but the truth is, if I keep a straight face for a second, that believe in unfashionable is fashion.
  • I could start with telling you about how self-confident or not, self-conscious, self-determined, self-destructive, self-disciplined I am, but as I am unhealthily self-centred, I am just gonna start with something that matters a lot to me!
Today I celebrate an important anniversary. After years and years of bad addiction to this icky, gross, despicable, crappy ciggy, I finally quit smoking! Yeahhhhh!
Everything started after a relaxing weekend in Phuket... Detox and fresh CoCo-nut juices, sunbeds and sundresses... I go " Darling , I think it's time for me to quit smoking"... Nothing to do with the series of problems triggered by smoking 40 cigarettes a day... Like every single addicted person I thought that I had no skin concern, that my teeth were snow-white and I found my breeth to be lovely as I was chewing strong mint-gums all day... I didn't even do that to finally be part of the trendy crew of the "sorry-I-am-a-good-looking-healthy-person-because-I-am-a-non-smoker-and-I-already-know-I-gonna-live-much-longer-than-you-B****"... You know, they call it the No Strings attached attitude...No! I just randomly said that for I felt relaxed and my self-esteem was at its climax after three days of intense and blazing sun...

5 minutes later, I was already updating my FB status... genuinely proud of myself and my brand new life that has just begun: CC is a non-smoker...I should have written: CC is gonna complain, suffer, cry, stuff-herself with tones of cheese and chocolate, get depressed, get hangry and hungry ... and above all: CC is gonna put the blame on everyone else and try to bribe people in nightclubs to get a smoke (but never accept and offer me a puff because I would turn into a crazy lunatic : How dare you??? I quit smoking weekssss ago you idiot!)

Anyways.... Today I am doing much better and can even drink a lovely glass of Rose wine without craving for a ciggy... I guess, it's just like everything in life, you are the one responsible for the kind of life you are leading and being as happy as I am today I know that I want it long and fun, loud and ectic, exciting and unexpected and not lead by any addiction... except shopping maybe, and food, drink, sex, laughter and weirdness....
Here goes the song of the (first)day : Florence and The Machine - Kiss with a fist

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