Thursday, 15 April 2010

Fall/Winter 2010-11 Fashion Trends

One more rainy day in Hong-Kong... Nothing to do but dream about next winter's fashion trends... The start of the Spring / Summer 2010 season means it's gonna be time soon to refresh your wardrobe and make room for your lovely, cosy, warm and glamorous fur coat. And what a time it is: the affects of the global financial crisis have eventually begun the wane ( or that's maybe what they want us to think)... Whatever! Every single girl on planet earth is tired to tighten her pretty, shiny belt and time has definitely come to please our-wonderful-selves with some trendy items.
Ok, we must admit that we won't be able to resist so Isabel Marant outfits... But that's fair enough! More than 10 years ago, my beloved mummy gave me an unforgettable present: A WONDERFUL Isabel. Marant GOWN... Trust me jealousy was easy to read in my enemies eyes... Since this particular day, I worship Isabel Marant and would never betray her !

As mentioned before fashion doesn't necessarily means expensive.
The only piece of advise we can give is : Just carefully read what is coming below and every time you find one outfit you like matching those criteria, just go for it !
You want:

  • To go back to the 50's: You want to look like the pretty ladies from Mad Men ( the TV how , not our crazy neighbor), elegant housewives, so bourgeois. Next winter we open history books and want to look like this amazing Parisian girl in Robert Doisneau's famous photo "Le baiser de l'hotel de ville"

  • Minimalist Chic:
    Black and white pencil skirts, high waist pants, pantsuits (always classic but twisted with small leather pieces), have made their comeback with Celine, Chloe, Stella McCartney and others (I cannot remember everyone, knowing that the last time I wore a suit was for a costume party ...). My mother adores, she claims that her closet is full of fashionable pants and sexy skirts and she goes: I fore casted this trend 17 years ago. Thanks Mum!

  • Gold:

Balmain Balmain Lanvin

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