Thursday, 15 April 2010

Disney Couture

John Galliano
Karl Lagerfeld
Jean-Paul Gaultier & Marc Jacobs
Donatella Versace & Dolce&Gabbana
Alber Elbaz & Sonia et Nathalie Rykiel
For a brilliantly bizarre homage to fashion designers and "Disney" characters, grab the latest Elle Espana.
Check out Uncle Karl! He just makes a fierce and wild Goofy...
We are not really sure about Donatella/Daisy & our beloved Marc! Daisy looks more like Courtney Love in her good days, instead of the iconic Disney character we all know, love and worship.... We think Marc could have been a little bit more... Marc! I mean except the skirt, we could never say!
We just think this is amazingly brilliant, and even if it could remind us a lot about The Simpsons in Harper's Bazaar's spread.
What do you think? Brilliant? Bizarre? Brilliantly bizarre

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