Thursday, 6 October 2011

Meet Emmanuelle Alt’s ‘Mini Me’s’

While one could argue that American Vogue editors have a “look,” we’ve never seen any editors as similarly dressed as these three French Voguettes. Always chic editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt has become known for her laid-back rock & roll style. The look has made her a street style darling, and now so are her assistants who, from a distance, could easily be mistaken for her. The similarity between all of them is a little startling, from the medium-length brown hair to the loose top paired with low-slung cropped jeans and pumps to the tanned, often makeup-free skin.

We’ve been seeing the three of them together at all the fashion weeks–at least we think it’s always the same girls. Everyone seems to be after Alt’s effortless chic look these days.
After doing some research, we’ve assesed that it’s Capucine Safyurtlu and Geraldine Saglio. Capucine is French Vogue’s fashion & market editor. Geraldine is Alt’s assistant and a stylist, as far as we know, and usually sits behind her at shows.
We can’t blame anyone for wanting to emulate Alt’s chic style, but isn’t it a little weird when it’s the people she works and goes to fashion shows with every day? It’s gotten to the point where people are referring to them as “Alt clones” and Alt’s “mini-mes.” And unless someone else has already thought of it, I’m going to go ahead and coin the term “ALT-ernates.”
While you have to see them in real life to experience the full creepiness, here is some photographic evidence from various street style photogs. Really, we’re just jealous that they can all pull off this look better than we’ll ever be able to.

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