Thursday, 27 October 2011

Because this is my Birthday, we went to G.E gastonomy Extra/ordinaire

 It funny how things happen in life ... I have been willing to try G.E for months now , and thanks to my beloved boyfriend my dream came true on my birthday last week. We took the boat from central to TST. The ferry by night is so romantic and I had no clue where we were heading... we arrived in TST ... still no clue... we walked by Mira and my darling pretended to open the door of the Hotel for me... so I was like " we tried it in the past ... why are we coming back !! I know, I know , I am a spoilt little one ! 
Then finally we arrived in front of Luxe Manor and my taste buds started to get on fire : G.E! 
I definitely chose the right guy !!! HAHA he knows me so well!
The very night before I finished reading "water for elephants" and my mind was still lost in this circus crazy romantic story... Clowns, elephants, jugglers and trains, stars and craziness...
We entered G.E and our table was exactly in the perfect room! 
On the walls pictures of old trains, the wall by our table was looking like a circus train window with little shiny stars... the clock was going backwards and the musics was scarily enchanting !
READY FOR THE FEAST ! Don't expect to recognize any of those dishes when you get there as the menu and the dishes change depending on the season , the ingredients and the Chef Bonelli's mood! (FIY: Chef Bonelli Gianluigi, used to be at the Kee Club and before that worked at El Bulli and the Grand InterContinental Hong Kong)

 The dinner started with an intriguing paper box on the table ! We opened it to discover taro chips, along with potaoes, beetroots and baby zucchini flower crispy chips! OMG the latter were so good ! This time of the year my mum usually prepare them when she goes for walks in the country side in south of France. She would sneak into farmers fields, get a bunch of those baby flowers and prepare them for lunch or dinner : THE absolute treat!To go with the chips we got served a Salmon foam ... none of the  words I could use would be able to describe the lightness, softness and smokiness of it ...! Perfect !

Song cakes coming out of the mist !
Crab cooked 3 ways with ice avocado bites and brown rice

Parmesan cooked 3 ways: grilled , crumble and reduction with pesto reduction

Kale jelly hiding some amazeballs quinoa inside the green substance

 In case you wonder if they serve bread and butter at G.E, the answer is Yes! and trust me on this point , even if you avoid butter you got to give it a try ! So here comes the crispy thin bread with sesame and a misty glass container ... the waiter opened it , smoke went out of it , smelling like a winter afternoon by the fireplace at home and finally the butter appeared! MAGIC it told you ! 
Each bite would take you to a forest cabin during winter times ... 
Oh Gosh I cannot wait for Christmas in France !

Under this light foam were prawns cooked 3 ways

Sole (flattened on the bottom) with red cauliflower (colored by beetroot juice), caviar and herbs

 WaNT THe SaME @ Home !

Tartare of Lobster, grilled lobster and lobster reduction: Perfect main course
Beef for my dear boyfriend with eggplant chips , french beans and Parmesan crumble

 My Special Birthday Cake ! Thank you Chef for the surprise! Everything i love : chocolate and Gold !!! Well done, you know what a woman wants!

 Last but not the least, time had come for the Petit Fours ! Yum ! 
A cute little box appeared on our table  Happy Birthday Celine ! 
The letters were made out of milk chocolate while the little cups were chocolate and pumpkin sweets. Finally the cute little pearls caught my eyes!
We were asked not to bite nor chew but to let it melt on our tongue. 
a few seconds later seconds I was like OHHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAHOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!
These little jewels burst open and a fresh fruit (i recon passion fruit) came rushing out !SO deliciously refreshing !

 Finally these little jelly snacks were mandarin jelly in edible transparent wraps: slightly chewy and sweet but a perfect way to end this feast!

 And when you think that you can't get more surprises than that ! then you're wrong ! because you are at G.E!
 The nice waiter came to our table with this little bowl and even though I was full I could wait for a last treat before going home ! I was like: what is going to happen next with this cute little white candy!??? 
thank god the waiter told us : DO NOT EAT THIS ONE!  
He started pouring water on it  and the "candy" started to grown into....

A TOWEL! haha ! so cute and surprising ! we were blown away !

 Now we were stuffed and full of good memories for my 26th birthday ! 
Thanks for an amazing surprise dinner at G.E , and my new Louboutin Boots that I will rock all winter long ! 

Just surrender to your senses. Allow the intriguing world of g.e (gastronomy extra| ordinaire) to fully seduce your body, spirit and mind.
G.E (gastronomy Extra/ordinaire)
  • 2/F, The Luxe Manor, 39, Kimberley Road, TST 
  • 3763 8803
  • $$$$$$

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