Friday, 21 October 2011

The Coveteur: Rachel Zoe

 Welcome to RZ HQ – the heart and Louboutin-sole of all things Rachel Zoe Inc.!
We love Rachel Zoe! I mean , Hello! , she is the Queen of fashion, one of hte best stylists ever , working woman , stylish wife, lovely and attentive mum 
The Zoe says:"I am an extremely organized person at work and at home - color co-ordination (especially in one’s closet) is everything. "
Well, we would love to have her closet and the work on color coordination in there !
Every girl's dream !


  1. OMG... SO jealous xoxo

  2. That bitch has everything :O

  3. Shoes,shoes,shoes,oh wait a million magnificent bags, and shoes, shoes, shoes, plus any piece of clothing you could ever imagine...and shoes. I love her soooo much.