Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The woman who married herself ...

Conventional marriages are sooo last season :) some people come to realize they don't want to have a husband or wife like the rest of the world and decide to marry inanimate objects or themselves

Like, Jennifer Hoes from The Netherlands married herself in 2003. "I married myself at the moment I was prepared to embrace my own life and agree on the responsibilities that come with that. I married myself at the age my father died, I decided not to stay in the shade of his death at thirty," she said in 2006 adding that she could still marry her partner if she found one and if she felt like getting married again. " I believe if a person is loyal to him- or herself, he or she has more to offer to others — to be active, straight and involved in relationships. Therefore, by no means, is marrying yourself is a self-centered act. In my wedding I needed my family and friends there as my witnesses and it was also a celebration of my relationships and intentions with them."

Following into Jennifer's steps, 30 year old Taiwanese woman Chen Wei Yih married herself last October.

Chen says she married herself cause she couldn't find a worthy partner. Her wedding cost $6,000 with 30 guests in attendance. Chen's marriage is not official, though, and she says she can still re-marry if she finds her Mr. Right some day :)

here are more famous unconventional marriages when people marry inanimate objects (these guys are called fetishists or objectosexuals):

In March 2010 Korean Jin-gyu married a body pillow with the face of popular anime vixen, Fate Testarossa, drawn on it. the ceremony was 100% official and was held in church.
In 1979 Eija-Riita Berliner-Mauer from Germany married the Berlin Wall! By the time she tied the knot with the wall, Eija was 56 and still a virgin. The wife said she foudn teh Wall very sexy because of its long, slim structure with horizontal lines

American Dave Cat married a sex doll in 2000. The happy groom said: “She provides me with a lot of things that I can’t get out of an organic partner, like…quiet.” Damn... O the other hand, this wife doesn't spend money on make up and clothes, she never has a headache and PMS.

Sal from Japan married a video game character in 2009. His wife is Nene Anegasaki of Nintendo DS’ Love Plus. He alwssy carriesd his wife with him - she's nothing but a screen , so it's ok. Sal's nuptials were broadcast live on a webcast.

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  1. I cant believe this, i read of someone in the paraper who married a dog!!! coz she was told that if she didnt the guy shw would marry would die!!! Bizzare right :S